Friday – November 25, 2016


Well, we got a little snow and the Christmas season is now here.


Kind of just a dusting of snow, actually, so far.


It’s sweater weather and I like the above sweater.


I like the idea of white candles with red berries and greens around them.


Greens and red berries in any kind of container just look nice to me.


In Burlington, VT they turned on the lights of the Christmas tree on Church Street today for the first time this season and also all the white lights on the trees.   They showed the ceremony on TV tonight.  So pretty.


More decorating ideas with greens and red berries.


I like leather purses.  The above pocketbook can be a clutch as the handles easily come off.  I can remember when I was a kid in junior high school and  growing up in a large family I didn’t ask for a lot.  But I had a pocketbook that was imitation leather and the handle broke in front of some kind of catty classmates and I was deeply embarrassed.  At that age, stuff like that hurts.  So I told my Mom what happened and she went out and bought me a very expensive designer pocketbook that was real leather.  I mean I will never forget how much I loved that pocketbook and how much I didn’t realize the sacrifices that went into getting that for me.  I wish I could go back in time and know then what I know now and how material things are not where it’s at.  My Mom was the most dear person in the world and never thought of herself.  Although she loved clothes a lot.


I like the look of candles hanging on a fence next to the new fallen snow.


And that’s my thoughts for today.



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