Wednesday – December 7, 2016


We got a light dusting of snow and it was a beautiful morning for a winter walk.  The air was crisp, but not bitter cold.  Heavy wet snow that stuck to the trees.  So pretty.


Lots of little Chickadees are out this time of year.  They are so cute.


I love new fallen snow.  It is just so pretty.


I would love a yard like the above.  What a beautiful view of rolling fields and the mountains in the distance.


I also love lantern street lights.  So pretty with snow on them and decorated for the holidays.


People always put lights on any Christmas trees that are in their yard and they looks so pretty with new fallen snow on them. ❤


I was downtown yesterday afternoon and by 5:00 PM it was dark.  The Christmas tree all lit up there looks so pretty.


The ski areas are open now.  It’s beautiful when you are coming down the slopes and the beautiful views of the mountains with beautiful mountain air just fills your senses.  I broke my ankle once, so have to be careful skiing as one ankle is weak.  But can remember some really fun times.


My Mom used to make a cookie that she called “Hermits”.  It’s sort of like the above recipe.  They were so good.


I like the above new fallen snow photo.

And that’s my thoughts for today.



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