Saturday Dreams


I love the Yankee Barn Homes Craftsbury Cottage.  That would be the home of my dreams to have.


There is a balcony off the bedroom on one side and there is a screened in porch on the back.


Then a 4-wheel drive Rav-4 for all kinds of weather.


I would have a Martha Stewart Seal Harbor cabinet kitchen with granite counter tops and a farmers sink.


With a wine cooler, double oven and double door refrigerator all in stainless.


I love the above living room design.  But would add slight cathedral ceilings.


I like a dining room with lots of light and room for having the whole family over for dinner.



Because I love to read, a reading nook.


Always dreamed of a French style sewing room with French doors that opened up to garden paths.


Love the idea of a porch for having coffee in the morning and watching the sun come up and also for an evening supper.


A little dream koi fish pond with a waterfall.


A bedroom with a balcony that has French doors and cathedral ceilings.



Situated on a piece of land with distant mountain views.


A garden space.


A greenhouse.


A laundry room. ❤

Basically, with all that who could wish for anything more.  That’s what I would have if I won the powerball lottery.

The piece of land with the mountain views was for sale for years and years.  Someone bought it this year.  They probably have their own dream for it.

The Craftsbury cottage is a modular and can be put up in a couple of weeks.  Martha’s kitchen is from the Home Depot.  The Rav-4 is actually affordable.  The whole dream would not take a lottery to have.  Just planning, getting the education and not have to live at a time when the economy got shot down.

For me, it will always be just a dream.  And everyone is different and likes different styles.  I like what I like.

And that’s my thoughts for today.






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