Saturday – December 16, 2016


I love the Christmas tree cheese tray that was on the Cabot Cheese website.  The star at the top of the tree is a mushroom.


I love French style hot chocolate.  I found a recipe for hot chocolate that is like the one that they have at Angelina’s in Paris.  I pinned the recipe on my drinks board on my Pinterest.


The hot chocolate has 72% cacao dark chocolate, coffee, cream, milk, sugar and whipped cream.  Yum.


I also like Starbucks coffee and the above coffee mug is super cute for Christmas.  And the Christmas Blend coffee is fun at the very thought of it to me.


What a cute idea for a street vendor coffee cafe.


I think that Cardinals are just beautiful.  The above photo looks like it would be perfect for a Christmas card.


I think that the above snowman hat is kind of cute for a centerpiece.  Plus they put treats in the coffee can.  The craftsmanship of making it is really time consuming.  They used a coffee can that they painted and the candle is a toilet paper roll with a little battery operated little candle on top and they painted the roll with glitter paint.  They made 2 Poinsetta flowers using a craft punch for both the flower and the leaves.  The snow is a special craft store find as are the leaves and holly berries.


The above is one of the Poinsettas that they made for the hat.  They used a Daisy leave punch and drew the veins on the leaves.  Then they had another cut out punch for the green leaves.  So I would say that it cost quite a bit to make the hat as well as a lot of time.  But the person who made it was really into crafts and had all the cut out punches.


On Etsy, they have a cute napkin idea.  You can buy the napkins that have two sides and are round.  They give you directions on how to fold it using an iron.


It doesn’t look like it would be too hard to copy.


The napkin just looks really festive.


It was a very snowy day here today.  We must have gotten at least 6 or 7 inches of snow.


I think it’s cute how people put little treats on trees to attract winter birds.


Snow can be so pretty.  A lot of people escape the cold and snow and go south for the winter if they are retired.  I like all four seasons myself.  I find beauty in all the seasons that you find in New England.


If you don’t have to travel on the snow covered roads that the snow plows can never keep up with, snow can be really quite beautiful.  A cozy candle going.


I like a steamy hot cup of coffee on a chilly winter morning.


Where we live, there are ski areas within a half hour drive.  But with lift tickets being priced for the flat landers, only the quite wealthy can take advantage of the fun sport of skiing.  I worked for a ski area one winter doing reservations and got free skiing.  The only thing is I never had the time to take advantage of that perk.  But what a fun job that was.  I got to tour all the beautiful condos with views to die for so I could reserve them and know which ones were which.  I also got free ski lessons but didn’t take advantage of that either.  But one fun thing I did was take a ski mobile ride on the trails after 4:30 when the slopes closed and we got to see the sun set from the top of the mountain.  So beautiful.

And that is my thoughts for today.

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