January 11, 2017


I saw the above chair on the Wayfair website and just love the style of it. It’s on sale right now and I have seen chairs like it for twice the price.  It is shipped all assembled and the reviews on it are all positive.  There is a similar Anna Griffin chair at a little less price that is shipped unassembled and the reviews say that the paint is chipped on it and cracks and bad reviews.  It’s perfect to have for a chair like the Wayfair chair in a sewing and craft room.  Or for a desk chair like it is shown above.


I like the above sewing table that you can get at Walmart for $139.00.  It has a lot of good reviews and I’ve seen sewing tables like it that cost 4 times as much.  At that price, it’s a good deal in my opinion.  It is not solid wood but the ones that cost 4 times as much are not solid wood either.  They will ship it to the nearest Walmart and you don’t have to pay for shipping.

kale-bean-soupI love kale and I bought some really good looking kale at the Food Co-op this week.  I have a basic soup recipe that I make that starts with rainbow baby carrots, onions and celery sauteed in a little olive oil.  Then I add no salt vegetable broth, white beans and any veggies I have on hand and the kale.  It’s healthy and also tasty.


I also love my juice machine and the above ingredients are my favorite ingredients to use to make a green smoothie.


I have one of those machines that vacuums  the air out of food storage bags and I like the idea of making up ingredients for soups to put in the freezer.


I would like one of those spiralizers for zuchinni noodles.  There are some neat recipes out there for those noodles that look like fun to make.


I like to watch the Food network cooking shows.  The kitchen that Tricia Yearwood has is just a dream kitchen.  She has a warming oven along with a wall oven, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.  She owns a house in Nashville where her cooking shows are done.  Then she has another house that I think is in Oklahoma that is her and Garth Brooks house.  On this last Saturday she had healthy New Years resolution recipes.  The recipes are all on the Food network web page.


I also like the Barefoot Contessa on the food network.  Her library is full of cookbooks.  She gets inspiration from some awesome cook books.


The above are a few of Barefoot contessa’s favorite cook books.


Barefoot Contessa also likes Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking book.


Anna Pump’s Loaves and Fishes cookbook is also in Barefoot Contessa’s library.  I’ve seen Anna Pump on several of Ina Garten’s food network shows as she has a bakery called Loaves and Fishes in Long Island that the Barefoot Contessa is always sending her husband Jeffrey to pick up awesome bakery products.


The above cookbook is also in Barefoot Contessa’s library.  I would love that book, also.


The above cook book is also in Barefoot Contessa’s library.  I like anything French and I would like that cook book.


Yeah, I like anything French.  To visit Paris, France would be the ultimate of all ultimates.  Next to having a really nice kitchen that would be fun to cook in.


Another ultimate thought is high tea.  Can you imagine having afternoon tea with all of the above embellishments.  OMG.


Oprah has a new book out called “Health and Happiness”.  Sur la Table has a cooking class with all those recipes shown above.  Oprah has joined “Weight Watchers” and that is her latest diet idea.


Can you imagine visiting Paris in the winter time?  Wow.

And that’s my thoughts for today.



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