Monday – January 23, 2017


I like the above photo of Peacham, VT.  So picturesque and pretty.


I like weathered barns in new fallen snow.  So Vermont.


Lanterns with snow falling is just so pretty.  Little Chickadees with their little black caps are just plain cute.


Winter can be really pretty, but it seems that this year we get a snow storm and then it seems to warm up to in the 40’s and rain.  The ground is frozen so even though the air warms up the rain freezes when it hits the ground.  Cold one day and warms up the next.  Kind of a strange winter.


I think that it’s supposed to snow tonight and the roads are going to be bad in the morning because of ice forming on the roads from freezing rain and then snow over that.  There is already postings of school closings.


Some people come up with really cute bird feeders.  I like the tea-cup idea.


Little critters can be cute.


I really like the above desk idea.  It reminds me of a Real Estate office that I worked in at one time.  The owner of the office furnished the office with actually furniture that she picked up second hand.  But the taste that she had was so awesome.  The place looked like a million bucks to me.  She grew up in New York City and her mother was an actress and her father was an artist from what I understand.  She traveled all over the world with her husband after she retired and then came back and opened her Real Estate office and her husband had the main office in another town.  Awesome people and I just adored working in that office.


I like artisan bread.  King Arthur flour has a recipe for a wheat bread that you make in a Le Crueset pot.  I pinned the recipe on my King Arthur Flour recipe board on my Pinterest.


The recipe for the bread is a sourdough bread which sounds really good to me.  They had all the ingredients that you could buy on their website to be able to make it.  I just love stuff like that.


I really like T J Maxx.  You can get some really cute things in that store that are brand name but with a low price.


The above kitchen looks like a million bucks to me.  It’s Martha Stewart’s Seal Harbor cabinets from the Home Depot.  That kitchen is my dream kitchen.

And that’s my thoughts for today.



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