I get inspirations and ideas from here and there.  I love ideas for a romantic Valentines day table setting.   From the above, the Lenox Butler’s pantry charger plate in the table setting is really neat.  Then the Vintage Tower by Spade dinner plate and the red salad plate picked up at Home goods.  I like the heart shaped doilly underneath the awesome little heart shaped bundt cake with a raspberry  jam heart shape topping.


I especially liked the heart-shaped bundt cakes.  Especially because the website that I saw it had the recipe for the bundt cakes and where to find the pan to make them.  The recipe was called 1234 Cake and was a recipe given to her by her mother-in-law.  I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Valentines day ideas and I also printed out the recipe.


I just thought that they were super cute and would be fun and quite easy to make as well as something that would be impressive to make for someone for Valentines day.


They used a Wilton pan to bake the cute cakes in and it can be found on the Wilton web site and also on Amazon.  Someone also said that they found one at Michaels Craft store.  I want to get that pan.


I also like the Crimson Hock wine glass by Waterford.  So elegant and the color just is awesome with the tablescape.  The tea light candle holders are also Waterford.


The Vintage Tower by Spade plate is just plain pretty and just looks elegant with the charger underneath it.


There are so many awesome ideas for inspiration.  I like the heart-shaped red napkin idea just on a white plate and then the white roses in just a crystal color vase.  I put the tutorial for how to fold that napkin on my Valentines day ideas on my Pinterest.


I liked the envelope idea for Valentines cookies.  So cute and easy to make.  Just a rectangle cookie cutter that has ruffles on it. and piping a white line and using your favorite shortbread cookie recipe.  I have a recipe that I really like that was in a Better Homes and Garden cookbook from the 70’s for cut out cookies.


The cherry heart tarts are so cute.


I also like the letters spelling out love.  They have a ton of those letters at Michaels Craft store.  I like the LOVE idea.  So cute with a vase of red carnations in the middle.  I think I would put red and white carnations with a little ivy over the sides in a plain crystal vase.  I don’t particularly like the white design on the letters.  Just plain red would work for me.


I also like the Cherub candle holder.  So cute.


A glass of Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  I like that inspiration.


I like all the ideas for a dinner for two.  I put the links to the recipes on my Valentines Day ideas on my Pinterest.  I try a little bit from different places where I see ideas and it’s fun to try out recipes.  Sometimes they come out and sometimes it’s a disaster.  But it’s always fun.


The inspiration I got from the above is I like the shape of that vase for the red roses and the way the white rose looks with the white ribbon on the red napkin.


I like the simple, yet elegant look of white swirl frosting on a white cupcake recipe and the red heart.  I like stuff that looks artistic but is not so full of details that it’s not fun to make.  I like the box with the window pane idea.  Those boxes come in all sizes and I first noticed them from a pie stand where they tied a string around the box making the box look even cuter.


I like Valentine cut out cookies and am always looking for ideas to decorate them that are easy to do and look nice.  You don’t have to fuss with them and they are fun to make.


Just a little frosting and sprinkles is another inspiration.


So cute to package up and send with children to a Valentines party at their school.  When my kids were little, I used to love to make cut out cookies.  I never had boxes like the above, though.  I love that idea.


I saw an inspiration for Nutella Cheescake Chocolate Cookie Cups that sounded and looked good to me.


Then I saw a mini heart pizza that was made from frozen bread dough that sounded fun to make.


I love roasted beet salad with walnuts and goat cheese.  I saw a recipe where you roast shallets along with the beets and then marinade them in a balsamic vinegar for the salad.  I tried that last night and it was one of the best salads I ever tried.  I didn’t do the heart shape beets but that would be fun for Valentines day.


I love a nice cup of tea and Earl Grey is my favorite.


I can’t even imagine an elegant winter tea like the above.  Love the pink roses setting off all the white.


I think those little bundt pans that they have to make cakes in are just elegant looking.  King Arthur Flour has all kinds of the bundt pans in all sizes.


The above is my fondest inspiration.  It’s a Yankee barn home with open beams and I love everything about it.  It can be built anywhere because it’s a modular home and it’s more affordable then anything you can find on the market if you have a piece of land.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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