Snow Day getaway


We had a kind of snow day today, but it wasn’t as bad as further south of us in Massachusetts.  It was a light snow that didn’t stick to the trees as it was like a powder snow.  But all the schools were closed and the roads were slippery.

The above photo is a chalet in the French Swiss Alps.  That would be my dream escape to really clear the mind.  No TV, no phones, no internet and just total relaxation.


Can you imagine a hot tub with that background?  Wow, how awesome.


And then a sauna with that view.  What a dream place.


The inside would have open beams and a stone fireplace.


A reading nook with soft pillows.


The above little kitty cat has the right idea of just it’s own escape.


It would be fun to cook some comfort foods.


Have a fancy afternoon tea by the fireplace.


Have to make some mac and cheese, the ultimate comfort food.


Then to go for long walks and enjoy the cute wildlife along the way.

I get so tired of the stressful issues that are on the news all the time lately.  Then the weather is warm and raining with ice one day and freezing cold and snow the next day.  It’s not been a very fun winter.

So I made up a dream winter get away.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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