Valentines Day


I don’t have the Le Creuset heart-shaped little ramekins, but I have a similar heart shape ramekin and I think that it would be fun to make some little chocolate souflettes for Valentines day.  And then some Cherry-vanilla ice cream with them.


Also little Chicken-pot pies in a heart shape would be neat to make.


Then a roasted beet salad with the beets cut out heart-shaped.


I like the ideas that people have for tablescapes.


The ultimate idea of chocolate covered strawberries and Champagne.


I get inspiration from cute ideas on decorating heart-shaped cookies.


Sometimes I get roses on Valentines day.  But I can remember when I was working in an office where there are cubicles and everyone gets roses on Valentines day delivered.  Everyone but me.  That is an awful feeling as it makes you feel like you are the only one that doesn’t count to someone.  And it’s just that it hurts and even a single rose would have meant the world.  Maybe a carnation from the grocery store, even.  Just something.  But I lived through it.  That was one way a certain little thought would have meant the world.

I get roses when I can’t even feel important about it.  That’s life.  The girls would say, “what did he do?”  Like it was a guilty gesture.  Oh well.  It could be worse.


I usually would console myself by pretending a coffee mug was from my special someone.  I guess I’m silly that way.  There are more important things in life like making other people feel special and not worrying about oneself.


I love the above photo of Vermont.  It really is a beautiful state.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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