Getting through dull weather



I don’t know how frugal it is but I like books and a great pick me up for spirits in this horrible time of year is the above bookcase.  It’s from Wayfair and is free shipping.  It looks like a solid bookcase and would hold a lot.  It would definitely give a home office a facelift.

Seasonal Recipe


For a recipe that woul be fun to make and brighten up dull days would be the neat cupcakes decorations that you can make with special attachments to a frosting bag.  Really easy to make and it looks awesome.  The buttercream recipe that makes the flowers is on the frosting attachment website at Happy Satchels.  And it’s just one squeeze and it makes a perfect flower.


It’s called “Happy Satchels” and they have all kinds of neat ideas for decorating cupcakes.


The above are the decorating tips that go in the frosting bag.  They cost $29.00.  It’s fun to watch the video to see how they do it.  It’s fast and easy.  Cupcake wars on the Food network program would be won with a tool like the above.

Fashion Find


I really like the above trench coat from Calvin Klein.  It looks almost identical to a different brand coat that costs $1799.00 and the one above costs $152.00.    One of my favorite fashion bloggers had the $1799.00 trenchcoat on her blog for must have Spring fashions and I found the above coat that would be expensive for me but nice to have for Spring that is fashionable and looks just like the very expensive trench coat.

Photo Landscape


I love to look at seed catalogs and plan a garden.  The above photo is Barefoot Contessa’s Long Island garden.  I love how she puts hedges around clusters of flowers.  It just looks like a million bucks and something that you would see in Paris, France.  It probably cost her plenty to do, but it could be copied for not too bad.  I just love it.  I love the picket fence as it just looks so classic.


An old fashioned flower that I love is the hollyhock.  I got a John Scheepers kitchen garden catalog that has the seeds to grow hollyhocks.  Martha Stewart gets seeds from John Scheepers.  I get all the seed catalogs that Martha uses as she gave out the names of her favorite garden seed catalogs on her website at one time and they are easy to request on the web to be mailed free to you.



I like the above inspiration.  I sometimes copy stuff like that and put it in a plastic holder that has ring holes to fit in my organizer.

To make you chuckle

I saw on the news today that a couple in northern Vermont had a burglar break into their house to rob them.  The owner of the house took a hatchet and hit the guy aside the head.  Anyways the guy got out of there fast and of course the police caught the burglar.

A comment on the news story said the guy could tell in prison how he got scalped in an attempted robbery.

Household Tip


On the DIY website it shows how to make the above potting bench with a sink and running water and all kinds of neat stuff.  I love it.

So for cloudy, dull days it’s nice to think that only one more day of February.  Tomorrow it will be March.  Almost as bad but we’ll get through it.  Spring in about 21 days.

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