If you like to be cozy and comfortable on a chilly Sunday morning, Vera Wang designer pj’s are the way to go.  I got my pj’s at Kohls with a gift card that I got for Christmas.  They were having half price sales and you could get a really good deal on them.  They are made out of a material that is super soft and they have a little stretch in them.  Just really comfortable and they fit like a dream.


Then a leisure breakfast is always fun on Sunday mornings.  I love to pile on the toppings to oatmeal.  Then I pour Almond milk over it.  Yum.


Then I like a second cup of French Roast coffee in one of my favorite mugs.  Catch up on my Email and stuff on the computer.

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King Arthur Flour with Craftsy has an online course for the Essentials of Bread Baking.  It’s on a special price of $19.99.  If you take a course like that at King Arthur Flour it’s like $159.00 or so.  I would love to take that course.  Sounds like fun and you can take it at your leisure and it includes all class materials.  Awesome.


Sur la table has a complete dinner that you can buy online for Easter that serves 8 people.  It costs like $195.00.  It is sent frozen to your home.  I love the Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes with carmelized onions, the green beans with bacon, green beans tossed with almonds, bacon and lemon butter, the wood smoked ham and the carrot cake with pineapple, shredded carrots & walnuts with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

I love the ideas for an Easter dinner and found similar recipes to make that dinner for like a fraction of the price they charge.


I love the green beans idea and found the lemon butter with garlic and bacon green bean recipe.  Would just add sliced almonds or not.


Then I found a ham recipe that was like the way my Mom used to make ham with the sliced pineapple and cloves.


And I love the Gruyere Scalloped Potatoes with Carmelized Onions idea and found several recipes that sounded perfect.


And then I found a Carrot Cake recipe that had pineapple, shredded carrots and walnuts with a vanilla cream cheese frosting.

I pinned all the recipes on my Pinterest Easter ideas board.

I love inspirations on different websites that are out there.


Then one of my favorite fashion bloggers suggested the above sweater to wear for Spring weather.  I think it’s perfect for this time of year.


I found the above sweater on the L L Bean website.  I think that it’s perfect to wear for St Patrick’s day.


I like cameos.  I had a beautiful pin identical to the above cameo and gave it away years ago.  I wish that I had kept it now.  It was made in Italy and that was a real diamond. It was a gift from my husband before he went to Vietnam.  Don’t ask me why I searched for a cameo like it.  I couldn’t afford it myself and it only brings back memories that I want to forget.  Plus I am trying to think positive and be happy and appreciate what I have.


I like pretty patterns in dinnerware.  The above Lenox pattern is called French Pearl.  I adore the color of it and everything about it.  A 16 place setting for 4 costs about $450.00 on the Lenox website.  But QVC had the setting for 4 for $110.00 and you could buy it on easy pay for like payments of $39.00.  I wanted it so bad but that color sold out in a matter of a few hours.  They only have the pattern in white left on QVC.  And it didn’t include the mugs.  But I found it on Wayfair on their outlet in that beautiful color and got two settings for $66.00 and free shipping and it included the mugs.  I could not help myself.  Somewhere down the road I will add a little at a time to the settings.


I like the Lenox tea set and canisters and they were both on sale at a really good price with easy pay on QVC a few days ago.  But I could only put them on my wish list.  So pretty.

IMG_20170312_171306644 (1)

I made a fun soup for lunch today that had a lot of flavor.  I used Turkey Bone Broth and started out with chopped onions, celery and chopped baby carrots which I sauteed in olive oil.  I added baby bella mushrooms and Canellini beans.  Then something that was really good was I had a packet of chopped cauliflower in the freezer that was like rice and it had chopped carrots and peas in it.  I put Italian herbs, a couple of bay leaves, Emerils Italian seasoning and some thyme.  And if that wasn’t enough I added a teaspoon of Dijon Mustard and a couple splashes of Vinegar.

To make it fun, I used my Paris soup mug that I got at TJ Max.

And that was my fun Sunday on a horrible time of year in Vermont.

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