Dream Ideas


My best dream is the Craftbury Cottage that is a modular from Yankee Barn Homes.  I like the porch on the front and the screened in porch on the back.  I love the farm house style of it.  I love the way the above one is landscaped.

dream home

The swing on the porch and chairs along with the hedges in front of the porch with flower bushes on the side.


The cottage has open beams and there is a loft and a balcony with french doors on the back side of the loft.  I’ve looked at a lot of houses and the ones that cost as little as the Craftsbury are no comparison.  All you would need is a piece of land that has electricity at the driveway and the only extra  expense would be to do the artesian well and drain field.


I like the above style for a garage to go with the Craftbury Cottage.

The plot from upstairs2

I would have a garden like the above in my dream place.


A greenhouse would be awesome.

101990048.jpg.rendition.largest (1)


My dream kitchen is the Martha Stewart Seal Harbor kitchen from Home Depot.  I would add a double wall oven in there.




Then a French style sewing room with French doors that open up and have a view of flower gardens.

prius 5

My dream car is the Prius Prime.  I love the headlights on that car.  And the silver color.

prius 4

Also the tail lights.  It has LED tail lights.  The car also has a charge port for cell phones.


The 2017 Prime Prius has Navigation and bluetooth.  The really neat part is that you can get a $4,500.00 tax rebate for buying a Hybrid.


I had a little dog like the above one time except it was a beige color.  I think that I would love to have one like the above and name him Bandit.


I love the above laundry room  It doesn’t take up a lot of space but there is plenty of room to fold clothes.


I like the above living room style.

It’s been cold and dreary here this dull Monday.  And for the next two days a blizzard is supposed to hit.  A northeaster bad snow storm.  So to get away from horrible weather, I just can dream of nice things.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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