Snow Day


It’s like a blizzard out there today.  The visibility is bad and even the snowplow almost got stuck plowing the deep snow out here today.  Spring is only a few weeks away and we get  a snowstorm like this.


I knew it was going to be a bad day today so I picked up the above Daffodil plant to bring a little sunshine into the day.


They have Spring styles out everywhere now.  I guess the style this Spring is the “cold shoulder” look and prints.


I like the above supplies closet idea.  Perfect to store the vacuum cleaner, paper towels, cleaning supplies, brooms and mops.  Love it.


I also love the above idea for a pantry door. So organized and it would be easy to find the exact spice that you need and a handy place to store aluminum foil and plastic wrap.


I really like Kale Salads.  I put the recipe for the above salad in my Salads board on my Pinterest.


I love the cauliflower that is chopped up to look like rice that is in the freezer sections of the grocery store now.  They have one that has peas and carrots in it also.  I love the stir fry idea and I tried adding it to a veggie soup and loved how it turned out.

6804584a66177ff090a4e6a7b5dc5cde (1)

I love salad ideas.  They are healthy and you can make up any kind of salad from what is in the fridge.


I love the scalloped potato with caramelized onion with gruyere cheese idea that was on Sur la table.  I’m going to try to make that before Easter for a trial run to see if it comes out good.


I love the above 1929 Good Housekeeping magazine cover.  Also love the price of the daffodils.  Wouldn’t it be nice if prices stayed the same and wages went up.

And that’s my thoughts for this snowy day in March.


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