Happy St Patrick’s Day


I sometimes find four leaf clovers on my walks on the walking trail during the summer months.  The above 4-leaf clover took a nice photo with my cell phone case as the background.



Cute Irish cupcake idea.  I love the green cupcake liner with the little belt idea.  The decorations are probably from a cake decorating web site.


I love the above idea for a veggie tray for St Patrick’s day.



I love the above idea for a centerpiece featuring a little captured Leprechaun.

St Patrick's Centerpiece

So delightful.


A neat idea for the Shamrock shake.  I pinned the recipe on my St Patrick’s day ideas on my pinterest.


Then a wrap using those spinach wraps is a cute idea for St Patrick’s day.


I love the idea of a cozy tea on St Patrick’s day.


If I could visit Ireland, I would want to buy some Waterford crystal and some Connemara marble.

Today on QVC, the special of the day is the above Waterford and Connemara marble Cylinder Hurricane Lamp.  So beautiful.


Cute idea for candy kisses.  The “kiss me” format is a free printable from Pinterest.


I love corn beef and cabbage for St Patrick’s day.  I like how the above plate of the Irish dish is arranged.


I like the above antique good luck charm.  Triple good luck.

So I have a lot of Irish in me.  One of my grandmothers was full blooded Irish.  My grandfathers Mom’s maiden name was McKee and she was full blooded Irish.  My son named his youngest son’s middle name McKee.  Love it.

Have a fun and wonderful St Patrick’s day!


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