I like the Le Creuset new limited edition pot they have that has a rose on it.  The color and pattern is kind of neat.


The Le Creuset that I like the very best is the white one that has Bon Appetit written on it in red and the god knob which is also a limited edition.


I like organizing ideas and the lazy susans are a neat idea for spices.  I like the pot holder on the inside of the cabinet door idea, also.


The drawer dividers are a neat idea to store kitchen gadgets as it makes it organized and easy to find kitchen tools.


Those drawers that pull out are really nice.  Keeps everything organized, easy to find and neat.


I love closet organizers to make the most of spaces.


A storage bench and basket are always a plus.


A must have is an organized space for cleaning stuff.


I like pantry organizing ideas.


So many neat ideas.  I see ideas and sometimes find ways to use them here and there.


I love Forsythia in the Spring.  The Faux Forsythia is awesome for Spring decorating.  I made a wreath for my front door years ago from Faux Forsythia and use it every year in the Spring.

It’s the first day of Spring in a few days.  Hope that it warms up soon and we don’t get any more snow storms.

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