April Showers

coffee 2

It’s a chilly, rainy day here today.  April is great for showers.  Just lucky that it’s not snow.


A nice cup of coffee really does just warm the heart.


I went shopping yesterday and T J Max always is a fun store to shop in.  I saw the above salad plate and could not resist it.  So fun to have for salads.


Then I saw the above Spring bowl with the little bunny and the wild rose on the pattern.  Well that one went in my basket to buy.  Just will make April days bearable.


Then at the Walmart I saw some cute Pioneer Women dishes.  I already had the bowl in this pattern, but added the salad plate and the coffee cup.  I love to use her dishes for breakfast as it just cheers up a dull morning.

I love cute dinnerware.  I love to cook anyways and to add little fun stuff now and then just makes cooking and cleaning up afterwards worth it.


I saw the above dining room set on Wayfair.  It was out of stock and just came back in stock.  I love, love, love it.  ❤  It’s exactly what I want and at a really good price with free shipping.


I would love to have that table in a breakfast nook like the above.


I love the above idea.  It would be perfect to have family over for dinner.

garden path

For dreaming on a rainy day, I love the idea of a garden path with solar light lanterns.


I love the idea of the chocolate Easter bunny in a mason jar for a little Easter gift for Grandsons.


So cute.


I love stuff like that.  A white chocolate bunny for the one that is allergic to peanuts just to be safe.  The little lamb is cute also.


I really like those zoodles that you make by using a spiralizer and zucchini.  I saw a neat recipe on Sarah Moulton’s cook show where she had a New York City restaurant owner share a recipe where she had a garlicky yogurt sauce and lemon over the noodles along with a chopped baby zucchini that was sauteed.  It looked really good.


I saw a cute idea for putting names on little mason jar easter treats.  They used chalkboard bunnie labels.


They had similar labels on Amazon.


Cute idea for milk bottles, also.

And that’s my thoughts for this rainy and chilly day in April.




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