Mt Ascutney


Mt Ascutney has always fascinated me.  It’s a beautiful mountain from all angles and can be seen from miles away.  It’s the only mountain in Vermont that is an inactive volcano.  There are several views from both sides of the Connecticut River.


There are all kinds of views of the mountain.  The above view would be a beautiful piece of land to build a house.


Love this view of Ascutney from the New Hampshire side.


The mountain is just beautiful in any time of the year.  Can’t even imagine having a view like the above to enjoy of my favorite mountain.


All the windows in the living room are open to views of Ascutney area.  I love the idea of a wall of windows and that field stone fireplace is awesome.  Love the round rug idea and the round coffee table.


Love the Fall view in the early morning when the fog is rising up from over the valley below and then the majestic Mt Ascutney in the background.


Love the idea of the breakfast nook that also has a bay window with mountain views.


The sunsets with the Mt Ascutney are just plain awesome.


Awesome panoramic view of Mt Ascutney with window seats.  Love that idea.


There are cascade falls along the mountain hiking trails.  So beautiful.


There is a place at the top of Mt Ascutney where those hand gliders jump off and glide along the countryside.  I found a video of one of the jumps and it was just like you were right there with that glider.  So scary but fascinating.


Kind of neat air view of Ascutney.

Ascutney 3

The Ascutney ski area view from Brownsville, VT is neat.

I like the views of Ascutney from Claremont.  When I go shopping for groceries, I always go to New Hampshire because there is no tax.  So you can see Ascutney from a lot of angles traveling through Claremont, NH.

I just love everything about Mt Ascutney and I have from the time that I was a kid and my best friend lived up on Parker Hill and had a beautiful view from their living room window of Mt Ascutney.  They had a baby grand piano near that window which fascinated me also.  I remember I kept saying “gee” the first time I went to their house and my friend laughed.

Ascutney is one of my favorite mountains.  I think that it is majestic and just beautiful.



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