I found an Easter Lily while shopping for groceries.  It just caught my eye and I couldn’t resist buying it.  It just looks so nice on my butterfly planter for Easter weekend. ❤


Last week I couldn’t resist the little bunny with the ivy plant.  It just fit perfectly on my little plant stand.  Makes me smile.


Then the Walmart had Pansies in little containers for only $2.86.  That did it.  I could not resist it and I love how it looks in my little container that I had at home.  Just so Spring like.


I like to have plants around my kitchen window.  And I like to put little white string lights around the window.  It just cheers me up when I have to wash dishes.


I had a lavender heart wreath exactly like the one above which I really liked.  I gave it to my Mom and she had it on the door of her place.  I am going to try and find another one some day.


Little kids always like to play in puddles for some reason.


And they always seem to like to jump in the puddles.


When I think of Spring, I always think of Lemon Cheesecake.  I found a recipe on Pinterest that sounded really good and I pinned the recipe on my cake recipe board on my Pinterest.


I saw the above dish at TJ Max and couldn’t resist it.  I love it for Spring salads.

IMG_20170410_123452943 (1)

I also liked the dish to use for a Spring Frittata.  I had egg, asparagus, mushrooms, onion and Vermont Cheddar cheese in it.  I like a Frittata better then an omelette.  It makes a fun Spring lunch.


I also couldn’t resist the above little bunny dish for Spring soups and/or salads.  I saw the little bowl at TJ Max and it just cheers up Spring days for me.


I love Crudite and the Pioneer Woman made the most awesome Easter Crudite baskets on her Food Network show.  She made a Spinach dip with it that she put in a half of a red cabbage that she made a bowl out of.  I like how she used Kale to line the basket.

crudite basket

I put the recipe for the Spinach dip on my Easter ideas board on my Pinterest.

buns 5

Then the Pioneer Woman made hot cross buns and I put that recipe on my Easter ideas board.  Kind of complicated to make and I think I would just buy some hot cross buns myself.

buns 4

I like how she put the hot cross buns in baskets and gave to friends to insure blessings and friendship all throughout the year.

buns 7

I have those napkins that she used in the baskets that I bought at the Walmart.  Love them.


I need a new dining room set and the above style is kind of neat.


I like the above style dining room set, also.


I love the above idea for lights in a kitchen window.  Even string white lights would look neat strung like that in the kitchen window.

And that’s my thoughts for this early Spring day in April.

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