I like Pansies and always manage to find some this time of year.


I found the above little plant at the Walmart for only $2.86.  I love it and I had the perfect container for it at home.


I love asparagus in the Spring and on Friday night I baked some Haddock, baked a potato and steamed some asparagus for a nice Spring supper.  The Haddock was on special for $4.99 a lb and I just got a half a lb for $2.50.  Then the asparagus was on sale for $1.88 a lb and I got a lb of that, which I steamed and I had some baked potatoes at home that I just put in the microwave for 9 minutes.  Plus I had some Chardonay wine to go with it.  So I spent under $5.00 for a really nice supper.  Love it.

Shaws, which is the local grocery store has 3 day specials every weekend and two of the specials were the Haddock and the Asparagus this last weekend.

IMG_20170410_123452943 (1)

Then I just used the rest of the asparagus in a Fritatta that had egg, cheddar, asparagus, mushrooms and onions for brunch the next morning.

IMG_20170416_141623168 (1)

On Easter we went to Sam’s Steakhouse and had an Easter buffet.  We got a really nice table that was in a bay window with all kinds of Easter flowers in the window.


I had ham with a bourban raisn sauce, mashed potatoes, baked salmon, pesto pasta, terriaki chiken, shrimp with cocktail sause, fancy cheeses from the buffet.  Sigurd had prime rib and all kinds of buffet stuff.


They had a horseshoe shape buffet and above is one side of the buffet.


They had all kinds of stuff.


My photos don’t do it justice.  Really nice Easter buffet.


The salad bar was a meal in itself.


I think that I overfilled my plate from the salad bar.  But it was sooo fun.

IMG_20170416_141323520 (1)

Then they had a dessert bar.

IMG_20170416_141311410 (1)

There were cakes, pies, cheesecake, brownies and cookies of all sorts.


I don’t know how I found room, but I found room for Cheesecake.  It had a raspberry sauce over the top.  Yum.  Just a really happy Easter.


The TV that I had got a short circuit in it and I couldn’t use it anymore.   I was kind of down in the dumps about it because I can’t afford to buy a new TV.  So out of the clear blue sky, my friend Sigurd bought me a flat screen Smart TV.  It’s the TV above.  I love it.  I hooked it up to my DVD player today which was not easy.  But now I can use my DVD tapes for my exercise videos.

So I could do my exercise today.  After that Easter buffet, I really needed the exercise.

I also hooked the TV up to my internet connection and it can be hooked up to your cell phone as well.  I love it.

Plus you can sign up for Hulu, Netflex and Amazon free for a month.


I love to browse different ideas on how to display plants.  I love the above ladder idea.  I might steal that idea with the little birdhouse in there and the bench.


I also like how they use Asparagus fern in containers.  And I love blue and white flowers together.


Some day I would like to build a little butterfly attracting garden like the idea above.



There are so many ideas for container gardening.

I love this time of year.  Starting tomorrow I’m going to start walking on the walking trail again.  It was 80 degrees over the weekend, but down in the 50’s today and the rest of the week.  Still good walking weather.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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