It won’t be long and the Farmers Markets will be opening.  I love all the garden fresh vegetables that they make available.  So grateful that they will be opening soon.  I love how they have fresh eggs, plants, pies, crafts, flowers and all kinds of stuff as well.

kitchen appliance covers

I’m grateful that I found a pattern to make covers for my appliances.  I love the idea of the quilted fabric and I love the color of that material.  That little apron makes a cute cover for dish detergent.  And I like the tea cozy.  And as a bonus, matching place mats and napkins.  Plus a matching pot holder.  The covers will protect my toaster, blender and mixer.  And it just looks cottage like for the kitchen.  I like the cottage look.

I have had that pattern for a year.  I guess that it’s time that I used it.


I’m grateful for my chalkboard labels that make containers for the pantry look organized.  I love those containers.


I’m grateful that the Spring bulbs will be out soon.  I especially love the Daffodils.


I am grateful that the Spring tree blossoms will be out soon.  The air just has a sweet aroma in the Spring.  It’s really amazing because there will be a couple of warm days, a few rainy days and then all of a sudden all the blossoms are out.  But it’s for a short time.  I love it when the Lilacs are out.


Grateful for how beautiful Spring mornings can be.


I’m grateful when I wake up early in the morning and can see the sun rising over distant mountains.  So pretty.


Grateful that I got to enjoy Nantucket Island one summer.  So fun to go to the beach every morning before work and see the sun rise.  I had the best tan ever that summer.


That lighthouse is called Brandt Point and there is a Jetty Beach near there that was within walking distance where I stayed on Nantucket that summer.


But I am so grateful for Spring in Vermont.  So beautiful.

Most of all, I am grateful for my wonderful children and my precious grandchildren.

And that is what I am grateful for.


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