April Days


It’s a rainy, cloudy day today.  My little Pansy plant that I got seems to bloom and bloom regardless of not much sun.


I like little waterfalls and would love a waterfall like the above and have goldfish in the little fish pond.  I’ve seen kits to make a waterfall like the above.


I like Asparagus ferns.  I used to have one like the fern above that I put in a beautiful blue and white ceramic planter and I hung it on our patio.


I like chicken and a marinade gives chicken really good flavor.  I found the above marinade recipe ideas on Pinterest and pinned the recipes on my Chicken Recipes board on my Pinterest.  I have one of those machines that takes the air out of freezer bags and you can keep stuff for a year without freezer burn.  I love that machine.  I bought some frozen berries about 6 months or more ago and didn’t use them until today when I put them in a smoothie.  They were just as good as the day I put them in the freezer bags where I used the machine to take all the air out of the freezer bag.

le creuset

I’m always entering Sweepstakes. They have one out there to win a set of Le Creuset which I entered a few days ago.  I would love to win that set.  Wow, the dutch ovens, sauce pan, braiser and fry pan.   I have never won anything.  Not even once.  But it’s fun to enter, anyway, and dream how nice it would be to win.


I like the above measuring set from the Pioneer Woman.  Walmart sells them, but I have yet to see the set in the local Super Walmart.  I think that is a 4 cup liquid measuring cup, so it is quite big and would be neat to have.  I like the wild rose pattern along with the turquoise.  They have them on line at the Walmart website and they will ship it to your local Walmart and you don’t have to pay shipping.


You know how scrumptious those subs are with the huge rolls?  What a neat idea to make a salad and omit the high carb roll.  Yum.


I made some hard boiled eggs to keep in the fridge the other day.  And so I had to go to the store and get some baby spinach, bacon and some mushrooms.  I saw a really neat recipe where they sauteed the onions and mushrooms in the pan after they fried the bacon in and removed it and then just put everything over the baby spinach along with sliced boiled eggs.  I just used my favorite dressing that I make in a little mason jar over it and I loved it.


Then yesterday, to use up my eggs,  I made some deviled eggs and sprinkled smoked paprika over them and used some of the crumbled bacon for a topping.  I love that little deviled egg holder.  I have a spoon rest that matches it and I got them at T J Max years ago.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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