Garden Dreaming

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I just adore gardens.  People have such awesome ideas on garden planning.


Little garden paths and all kinds of interesting ideas.


I love little fences and Marigolds planted on the outskirts of the garden.


I love little water gardens like the above to have in a window.  The beautiful dark blue colors with the Ivy and little plants is just beautiful.  Then the Dragonfly just adds to it.


I love the above idea for a garden.  Just beautiful.

Herb 2

I love having a little window herb garden.  I made the above little herb garden and just love it.  I got the little herb plants at the Home Depot and I had that container that I bought years ago at the end of the season on sale for almost nothing.  Then I had the chalk board labels from King Arthur Flour.


I dream of being able to grow tomatoes and peppers in a garden.  Because I don’t have a garden area, I do the next best thing and buy colorful veggies at local farm stands and farmers markets when they open.

potting bench

I love the potting bench idea.

Martha's garden

Gardens are just awesome.


Sunflowers are my favorite of all favorites to have in a flower garden.


Lilacs are another all time favorite.  They are old fashioned and just beautiful.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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