Arbor Day


Tomorrow is Arbor Day.  I would love to plant a tree that would blossom in the Spring like the above trees.  I just think that they are so beautiful and the delicate fragrance from this is just beautiful also.


I love fruit trees that blossom in the Spring.  The above Spring picnic idea is just dreamy to me.


I can’t imagine having the land to have a line of trees like the above.  I love the old fashioned picket fence, also.


Apple blossoms are just really beautiful and I would love to own an apple tree.


I love the colors of the leaves on trees in early Spring.


But apple blossoms will always be my favorite sign of Spring.


I love the above Spring photo of Keene, NH in the Spring.  The photo was taken at the head of the square in Keene.


I also love Birch trees and the new leaves that are on them this time of year.  I planted a Birch tree one year from what looked like just a branch.  It grew into a really big birch tree within a handful or more of years.


April had to be one of my favorite times of the year.


Everything is just so green and beautiful.


Blossoms are everywhere and Spring bulbs are out.


Crab apple trees are really colorful.


I would love to have a tree like the above and the flowers all around it.

I bought a really cute Blue Spruce tree for my son to plant when he first bought his house.  He didn’t want the tree and I was feeling kind of bad.  My other son said that he would love the tree and would take a photo of his children in front of the tree each year as the tree grew.  I loved it and the idea just warmed my heart.

Hope everyone has a nice Arbor day.


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