Farmers Markets


The Farmers Markets are opening up now.


I just love this time of year.  Lots of sunny days and temperatures that are in the 70’s.  The Farmers markets are opening and they have all kinds of awesome local products.


Nothing like farm fresh eggs.  I love to make eggs for breakfast sometimes and also boiled eggs in a potato salad.  A nice omelette with fresh herbs, a garden fresh salad and a glass of wine.


Lots of times they have herb plants that are a really reasonable price.  ❤


You can even buy garden plants that have already had a head start from planting.  And maple syrup.


Lots of times there are all kinds of canned goods.  How fun it is to have home made dill pickles to put in your pantry. 🙂

69.33-Pepper Place Farmers Market-flickr-Dan

The fresh local garden produce is just plain awesome.  Also very healthy.


All kinds of stuff to choose from.  I just love it.


It’s as nice as having your own garden almost.


Lots of times they have baked goods that are just scrumptious.

Snow Heath_Bread

Lots of times they have home made bread.  Yum!


All kinds of neat stuff.  Love the dried lavender.  ❤


In Woodstock, they have a whole building for a Farmers Market.  Plus another market on the Green.


I love when they have sunflowers.

ls (1)

Then sometimes they just have Cafe’s and Markets that are just so fun.


I love the greens that they have.  Especially the rainbow chard and kale.  So fresh and so good.


This is one of my favorite outfits to wear to Farmers Markets.

And that is my thoughts for this second day in June.

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