I like the idea of visiting a harbor in Maine.  Such a beautiful state and their seafood is just scrumptious from the extremely cold water.  My brother lives in New Hampshire just over the border from Maine and him and his wife have a time share in Maine that is right on the ocean.  They go to Maine often and have seafood.


I would love to have a deck that had a view of the ocean.


I love how kitchens have a little breakfast nook in a bay window.


I would love a small cottage something like the above somewhere near some water and walking and biking trails.


I love harbor towns in Maine.  The salt air and fishing boats are just awesome.


I wouldn’t mind having a place in Florida in the winter either.  The best of both worlds.  I love how in Florida they have like a sun room with a pool in a lot of their houses.  You get the sun and no bugs and a year round pool.  And the houses are affordable.


I went through a stage where I wanted to travel and my dream place to see was Paris, France.  My niece went to Paris with her school and was not impressed.  My sister and her husband visited there and they were not impressed.   One of my friends that went to Paris said that everyone smokes cigarettes there and just not an impressive city.  I don’t think I would want to go there so much anymore.


I took quite a few years of  the French language in school, starting in the 7th grade to the 12th grade.  So have fooled people into thinking I spoke fluent French.  I always loved all things French.  It’s just such a romantic and historic country.  But in recent years I just lost interest in it.


And that’s my thoughts for this first Saturday in June.



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