Simple Pleasures


I love the high ceilings, the island, the white cabinets, the wood floor and the airiness of the above kitchen.  There is even a laundry room on the other side of the kitchen which would be awesome.  That kitchen is simple and would bring anyone great pleasure.


And then the same ceilings and the darling living-room.  Love the open beams and the built-ins and the arch doorway.


I love the above to have in a little mud-room entryway.  I love the color and everything about it.


I love the above basket-weave pocketbook type carrier to hang on one of the hooks of the mud-room coat hangers.  It’s perfect to take to Farmers Markets.


I just totally love the above French style sewing room.  I would have the French doors open to flower garden paths.

quilt 3

The above quilt would be so fun to make in that sewing room.  Also, it would be awesome to create all kinds of projects.


I love healthy salads.  One of my favorites is kale or arugula with apples, walnuts and blue cheese.  My favorite dressing is so fun to make in a small canning jar.  I just put apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, chopped garlic, thyme, Italian seasoning and Extra Virgin Olive oil in the jar and shake it up.  One of my simple pleasures.

balloon 2

I love the Hot Air Balloon Festival that they have every year.   Just plain fun to watch.  They just go wild and free to the four winds.  There is a youtube video taken at Simon Pierce in Queechee where they skim across the water and then at the last minute give the balloon gas and go up over a covered bridge.


Foil packets on a grill are easy and tasty.  The one above is Butter Garlic Herb Steak with veggies.   I put the recipe on my Pinterest Foil Packets board.


I love pickles and the above pickle fork that attches to pickle jars is so cute.  It’s available on Amazon.


They have the Big Ships in Boston Harbor this weekend.  I think it would be so fun to see them.


I love needlepoint and soft throws.  The above is a Claire Murray pillow that can be made from a kit.

cottage 9

I love a little brick stone patio.


I would love to live near water and have a firepit.

7cc7cc2f6a28912aea55eda363d21f18 (1)


I love to cook and would love an organized spice drawer like the above where you could easily find the spice you are looking for.

phoca_thumb_l_Sunapee_cottage_exterior_front (2)

I love the looks of a porch where they have lantern lights.


I love the above idea for pull out shelves for pots and pans.


I think that it would be fun to have a garden tea party.

lenox 4

I love the Lenox Tea set and canisters.

And that is a few of what I think of when I think of Simple Pleasures.


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