I like the glasses that they have at Simon Pearce.

balloon 2

They also have the Hot Air Balloon Festival in June at Queechee which is where Simon Pearce is located.



June is the month for Fathers day.  My Dad passed on years ago, but losing a Dad is something that you never get over.  He loved the outdoors, but his job in a machine shop kept him cooped up inside.  Whenever he had a vacation, it was the lake that he would head for or visiting our grandparents farm where he would go fishing and helping our Grandpa hay the fields.

Dad and boys

My Dad with my three brothers.  The two older ones were always “The Boys”.  The youngest one with myself, he called “The Little Kids”.   He was always so full of fun.  He loved his garden and he always wore a cap when he went outside.  He always had a baseball game going on the radio in the summer when he was outside.  He loved holidays and family gatherings.


June is also graduation month.  My very first grandson graduated from high school.  Such a very wonderful graduation.  Awesome grandson.


I love Nantucket Island.  I think that one of the very favorite summers I can remember was the summer I spent on that island.  The salt air and being 30 miles out to sea.


A nice refreshing summer wine that comes from the Provence of France is the Rose wine above.  It was awarded the best wine in the world and it can be found at Aldi’s or Trader Joe’s for only $9.00.


I love how at Farmers Markets they have canning jars full of all kinds of awesome pickles, relishes and all.


The local strawberries are out now.  It’s a short season, but they are just so fresh and a lot of places let you pick your own strawberries.


I saw once where if you put the strawberries in an air tight jar, they stay fresh longer.  It really does work.

Herb 2

I love my little window herb garden.


I love the above idea for fresh herbs.

rose (192x272)

I love climbing roses.  They are just so beautiful.


Jackson-Perkins has the above climbing rose that you can order now and they send it in the Fall for planting. It’s called “Kiss Me Kate”.


Another favorite flower is the Hydranga.  Especially the blue.



You see a lot of Hydrangas on Nantucket Island.


Also the Nantucket grey cottages with the climbing roses are just so beautiful.


Then the old fashioned hollyhocks.  Nantucket is like going back in time with the cobblestone streets and the sea captain cottages.

vt brownie

When I was a kid, my favorite treat was an ice cream sandwich.  An adult version of that is ice cream between two brownies.  Yum!

And that’s my thoughts for today.



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