I love lamp posts with climbing vines on them.


I love garden paths and climbing roses.  Just so beautiful.


Cottage gardens and garden benches.


I love cottage garden colors.


Peonies and Foxgloves are just beautiful.


A picket fence with climbing roses is so old fashioned and just beautiful.

(c) Annette Timmermann

I love manicured hedges that make little boxes for flower gardens and garden paths.  And then a topiary hedge.


I love the above color combinations.  Because one of my Grandmothers was totally English, I am attracted to English style cottage gardens.  But then my other Grandmother was total Irish.  And add to the mix a French Grandpa and the other Grandpa Dutch.  So I have a mixture of tastes.


I just love the idea of a garden tea party.  So elegant and just plain awesome.


I love fancy tea pots like Royal Albert Miranda.

tea cup

Then the tea cup to match.


Then the plate.

tea flowers

Add a bouquet of flowers that are perfect for tea.

Lenox tea

Because the Miranda pattern is very hard to find and is out of stock a lot, I could settle for the Lenox Butterfly Meadow pattern tea set.  Just beautiful.


I just love English style tea cups.

bathroom 4

I love a spa type bathroom.  The above idea is just gorgeous.  The window and chandelier just are a plus.


Some beautiful cabinets.  OMG.


Spa plants here and there.


Lots of candles.


Soft white, fluffy towels.


How about a spa towel warmer for the ultimate.

grill 3

An outdoor kitchen to grill all summer.  Who would want to leave home?

grill 1

Add a pizza oven, a warming oven and a rotisserie to make it the ultimate inspiration.

And those are just a few of the inspirations I find.





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