Morning Coffee


I love the above photo.


I love blender smoothies.  The above is fast, easy and makes a nice summer cool beverage or even breakfast.


I love the idea of a nice cup of coffee and cold cereal with berries and orange juice.


I’ve always loved the thought of an English type cottage garden.  From what I have read, I picked out a few must have plants that would be in the garden.


Hollyhocks first of all would be nice.

$_3 (1)

Then some Lavender.

$_3 (2)

Daisies would be just beautiful.

$_3 (3)

Delphinium would be colorful and just awesome.

$_3 (4)

And the blue Hydrangea.  That would be my 5 must haves for an awesome English garden.


I like recipes that are fast and easy to make yet scrumptious.   Little clean up and dishes.  The above one pan Blackened Cod, Sweet Potatoes and Zucchini sounds good to me.  I have everything to make it except the Coriander and Smoked Paprika plus the Cod.  I’m going to pick up the Cod on Friday because that is when the grocery store has the freshest fish.  Gotta try it.  I put the recipe on my one pan meal board on my Pinterest.

door idea

I saw a neat idea for storing a hair dryer, shampoos and stuff.  I broke one hair dryer by twisting the cord too much.  I love how there is a space to put the cord that keeps it from being twisted.  So handy and organized.  I love how the whole compartment just takes up a little space and is there when you slide the vertical drawer out.


Dream laundry room inspiration.


Home spa idea.

Have a wonderful day.


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