Tea Ideas


I like old fashioned tea ideas.  There is a book called “Tea with Jane Austin” by Pen
Vogler.  I love the idea of a Sponge cake and that recipe is in that book.


I found a Victorian Sponge Cake recipe on All Recipes website.  It sounded easy and also perfect for an afternoon tea.


I like the idea of little tea sandwiches and the above recipe is on my tea ideas in my Pinterest.


A real easy and traditional tea sandwich is just sliced cucumbers and cream cheese.


Then add “Tomato Twiddle” Tea Party sandwiches.  Sounds perfect for a tea party and is what I would choose.  I put the recipe on my tea ideas board on my pinterest.  The filling is just a mixture of boiled tomatoes, cheddar and onions mixed in a food processor.

Also traditional finger sandwich fillings are chicken salad, egg salad or tuna salad and celery.


I would have some Madeleines.  They are easy to make with the special Madeleine pan.  There is also a chocolate version and I have several recipes on my Pinterest.


I think that it would be fun to dress up and have a fun tea party.


Cute invitation idea comes complete with a template to make it.  I saved the idea on my tea ideas on my Pinterest.


I found a recipe for Jumbles which is in the book “Tea with Jane Austen” that I think would be fun to have.  The recipe I found is on my Tea Ideas board on my Pinterest.


I like the hat idea for a cookie, also, but a little time consuming to use.


I love how they have 3 tiers and high tea ideas.

DSC_6339small (1)

They usually have scones for tea and I think the above Cheddar Dill Scones sound good.  I put that recipe on my tea ideas board on my Pinterest.


The above Shelly Tea Cup called Cambridge Wildflower reminds me of a pattern that my Mom had.


How fun to have an outdoor tea party!


Lenox tea

I like the Lenox Butterfly Meadow tea set.


Also Royal Albert patterns are so pretty.



I think that tea sets are just elegant.


French Macarons are always a fun idea for a tea party.


A British tradition for tea is scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam.

Mostly high tea consists of tea, scones, finger sandwiches and sweets.  Sounds like fun to me.  Love it.  ❤

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