Fun Morning


Nothing like getting up early and going for a nice walk on the walking trail.  I made a pot of coffee and put some in a travel mug to take with me.  Then I put the rest in the fridge for ice coffee for later.  Beautiful morning and not hot yet.


I walked down to the waterfall and there was a Great Blue Heron fishing on the rocks below the falls.  He was only there briefly and all of a sudden up the river he flew with his long legs flying out behind him.  So majestic.

I had a 2 mile walk and then stopped at the local farm stand and got some beautiful greens and some summer squash.

Then I went to the local grocery store and picked up some coconut yogurt.

I got home and took a nice hot shower and finished the shower with the shower on rain cycle with very, very cool water.  Got into some cool comfortable pedal pushers and nice T-shirt.

Then I made myself a smoothie that had coconut milk, dark chocolate powder, frozen banana, coconut yogurt and pumpkin seeds.  It was super good.


I like my glass that says “Embrace messy hair and sweatpants”.  Actually it’s a wine glass, but I like it for smoothies.

I put my hair up in a messy bun and turned on the air conditioner because it is very humid here today.

Then I made some ice coffee in a mason jar and it was better then I usually buy as I used dark roast coffee which I love and put lots of ice and just the right amount of cream the way I like it and shook it up.  Fun to have while checking my Email and working on my blog.

I like an inspiration message that Sheryl Crow has.  It says, “It’s not having what you want, it’s loving what you have.”

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