Summer Days


Went for a walk up to the dam early this morning before it got too hot.  Beautiful morning.  I love the view of Mt Ascutney and it’s so clean up there.


Mt Ascutney is also beautiful viewing from the Connecticut River.  It’s just a beautiful mountain.  I’ve always loved that mountain from the time I was a little kid and my best friend had a huge window in their living room with a beautiful, breath taking view of Mt Ascutney.

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I love the above bush that my Mom and my Gram used to call a Snowball bush.   It is just so beautiful for landscaping.


I also like old fashion Hollyhocks.  So pretty.


I love a summer picnic.  One of the pleasures of summer.  I can only imagine a picnic in a field of lavendar.   So French.  Love the baguette, cheese, macarons and berries.


So fun to imagine French style picnics.


A simple white blouse is a classic and never goes out of style.  A staple for a summer wardrobe.  Plus it goes with everything and can be dressed up or dressed down.


I love the idea of freezer meals that you can just throw into a crockpot in the morning with the prep work all done and then have a nice supper and not even have to heat up the stove or oven.  I pinned the ideas on my crockpot recipes board on my Pinterest.  I love that little machine that takes all the air out of the special bag and then seals it.  Best investment I ever made.


The above is the Hapgood General Store near Hapgood Pond in Peru, Vermont.


One of these mornings, I would like to run over to Hapgood and pick up one of their breakfast sandwiches.  Yum!


Above is the owners of the Hapgood General Store and Paul McCarthy of the Beetles stopped in there on his way back from skiing at Bromley one time.  McCarthy’s people called ahead and the store had to be empty for him to be able to stop in there.  So cool!  That tells you how good the food is there for a famous Beetle hearing of the place and wanting to stop there.


For a frugal find, I got the above top to wear bike riding, walking and exercise.  I absolutely love it.  I had a coupon for $10.00 that I got for being one of the first 50 at the door for the store sale.  Then I had a 20% off coupon and the top was marked down from $34.00 to $19.00.  So they practically gave it to me.  Love it!  ❤  I have a pair of black leggings that go perfectly with that top that I got at T J Max and the leggings are designer but at a T J Max price.  I wore the two together yesterday on my walk and you would never know how little I paid for them.


Plus I got a free shopping bag that they gave away to the first 50 at that sale.  It pays to read those sale circulars that come in the mail in my opinion.

For an inspiration message I like is: “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create”.

I like Prevention Guide magazine and one household tip that I found was that pizza boxes and a lot of fast food containers are coated with nonstick chemicals to keep grease from leaching through.  These nonstick chemicals (called PFCs) have been linked to thyroid disease, cancer, infertility, birth defects and weakened immune systems.  Another reason to cook more food at home.


I love those zoodles that you can make with that little zoodle machine.  I put a ton of recipes for zoodles on my Pinterest zoodle board.  I found a really good OXO zoodle machine at T J Max for an unbelievable low price.  I just couldn’t resist it.  Especially with fresh garden zucchini so available at the farm stands at a really good price.

I really hate to run my air conditioners because they really run up the electric bill.  But on days like today I just have to turn on the air.


And that’s my thoughts for today, the middle of summer.



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