Saturday Morning Sunrise


I was making coffee at 5:00 AM this morning and looked out my kitchen window.  I thought that the dark cloud with the sun on the edge looked really pretty.  I didn’t think I could capture it, but the above photo pretty much looks like what I saw and my cell phone takes pretty good pictures.


Then looking out my living room window, I could see the sun rising up which was pretty, but I love the way the cloud form looked.  It just caught my eye the way the cloud formation looked like little balls of cotton.  It just looked pretty and only lasted a few minutes.


I saw the above fashion find that anyone could wear.


I like local blueberries and they can be expensive.  But they were $3.75 for a good size container of blueberries at Pete’s farm stand in New Hampshire which is always a fun place to visit.  I get my eggs at the local Farmers Market for $3.00, so I didn’t buy eggs at Pete’s.

Another frugal find I have is I save quite a bit on buying gas in New Hampshire because Vermont has a ten cent per gallon sales tax.  New Hampshire is really much more economical to live in then Vermont.  If I buy anything on line, also it gets taxed and really adds up.  New Hampshire does not tax anything bought on line like Amazon, QVC and HSN.  I’m seriously thinking of moving to New Hampshire.  Will have to change my blog to a new name.


I like flavored popcorn sometimes and the above lemon Parmesan flavor sounded good to me.  All they did was squeeze some lemon in with the melted butter and then sprinkle grated Parmesan over the popcorn.  I have all kinds of flavored popcorn recipes on my pinterest popcorn board.

A household tip that I found to clean the oven is as follows:  Just fill a deep heatproof pan with water, put it on the oven rack, and warm until the steam softens baked-on grease.  After the oven cools, use a paste of equal parts salt, baking soda and vinegar as a scrub.


I always like going to the lake and can’t even imagine how much fun the above lake house must be.  When I was a kid, my Dad always had friends where he worked that rented out their camps and we would enjoy their camp on the lake for a week when my Dad had a vacation.  Soooo fun.  We didn’t have a boat but I remember neighbors that had boats and they had us water skiing with them.

I remember one camp that had a screened in porch and on a rainy day my Mom made corn chowder for my brother and I plus a bunch of our friends to enjoy that chowder on that porch overlooking the lake.  So fun memories.

An inspiration message that I found is:  “May your day be filled with love for yourself and others.”


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