French Style

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Some people call it “shabby chic”, but I call it French style.  I would love a dressing table like the above.



I love the French style of the table and chairs in the above photo.  I also love the chandelier and the Hydrangea arrangement in the middle of the table.


I love the above throw pillow.


Macarons are so French.  Fancy pastries are what French people are noted for.


The only tips I see for country French ideas are the snapdragon flowers in a pitcher that looks like it has seen it’s better days.  The French style sparkling water, the chandelier and maybe the European style round cutting board.


I have never liked baguettes.  To me, it’s like a crusty, hard bread that I don’t care for.  But it definitely is very French.


Creme Brule is totally a French style dessert.  The above is Ina Garten’s Chocolate Creme Brule and I put the recipe in my Ina Garten or Barefoot Contessa board on my Pinterest.


I love French fabrics.  Just something about the French style.

Stylish ex-local authority home

I love everything about the style of the above room.  Especially the throw pillows and the French doors.


I love the idea of an outdoor table in a garden.  To me, it reminds me of a chateau in France.


I love the above table cloth for an outdoor table.  Then the blue and the white flowers just are the special touch.


I love the look of shutters on a window and a window box with beautiful flowers.  I love the shape of the window, also.   To me it looks like what you would see in Provence, France.


I love the above sewing and craft room and the chandelier is a French touch.  Also the color paint used on the walls and the cushions look like a French style to me.


The above sewing form looks very French to me.  I love how it is all decked out.


I also love the look of the ironing board with the basket liners in a French style material.  I would love that for a sewing room addition.


I love the plants in the window and the flowers plus a Le Creuset pot.  Then the counter tops and back slash along with the sink just look very French to me.


I love French style cafes with outdoor tables.


I love the look of the above pantry doors.  It just looks like a French style to me.  The distressed wood and the fancy carving in the corners.


I love the style of the above window and the way a half curtain is draped.  Also the flowers.


Lavendar is one of my favorite flowers and it always reminds me of France.

So my blog is about the different seasons of Vermont, but also fun stuff.  To me French stuff is fun stuff.

My inspiration for the day is:  “Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”



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