Monday in July


I like idea of a Bento box like they have at the Japanese Hibachi grill restaurants.  The above idea is just awesome and healthy looking.  Most Bento boxes have salad, apples, cheese, meats and grapes.  The above looks like they put in a little avocado in as well and I love how they used cute little silicone dividers in an oval container and lined it in garden lettuce.  Instead of a sushi roll, they wrapped a cucumber slice in a deli sliced cold meat and made a little roll.


I love plants and the above 5 glass containers with the water plants is just adorable to put on a window sill.    A Vermont based website has these and it all comes in a set with the plants.  They went out of stock within a very short time of advertising these, but they said they would have more sometime.


For a fashion find, I like the above jumpsuit ideas.  They flatter any figure and so cute with summer sandals.  Then the long chain necklace just makes it so stylish.


For a frugal find, I really like the stylish look of the above sandals and they are at a really good price of only $11.99 – $13.19.  I put the link on my fashion board on my Pinterest.  I don’t know how comfortable to wear that they would be at that price, but so cute.  And if they are any good, they most likely will be sold out.  But I really like the style of them.


I love the ocean and a walk on the beach early in the morning with a sunrise is just awesome.  I used to enjoy views like that years ago when I worked for a summer on Nantucket Island.  I would spend an hour before work on the beach every day and had the best tan ever and the morning sun is the best to not hurt your skin.  But I always wore sun protection lotion anyways, which is a good idea.


It’s not an easy world and to stay positive I like the above ideas.


I think that it’s important to use natural cleansers.  I changed to Mrs. Meyers dish detergent and hand soap and I’m going to try Mrs. Meyers body lotion also.  The above natural ingredient formulas for cleaning is a nice household tip to stay healthy.  The glass cleaner formula is thought to be better then what you can  buy and are without the chemicals that are said that they might cause cancer from carcinogens in them.  I just put vinegar and water in a spray bottle and it leaves glass windows sparkling without any streaks.  I haven’t tried the formula that they suggest with the rubbing alcohol and corn starch added.


Have a wonderful day!

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