Sunday July 23, 2017


My favorite lake is Lake Sunapee.  When I was a kid, I had a Volkswagen bug that had a bumper sticker on it that said “Follow the sun to Sunapee”.  I’ve always loved that lake.  It’s crystal clear water fed from a spring.  So the Yankee Barn home called “The Sunapee” is a dream lake home to me and to have that home built on Lake Sunapee would be the ultimate of all ultimates to me.


What a dream Lake home.


Then to have a fire pit and a boat.


Having s’mores for the Grandkids to roast around the fire pit.


I like that Flamingo floating tube.  That would be a must have to enjoy the water with.


Sunapee Harbor is so beautiful.  The dock side restaurant called the “Anchorage” is just a fun place.  You can have lunch on the deck sometimes and the inside booths have a view of the harbor, also.

So who wouldn’t want a Lake house on the beautiful Lake Sunapee.

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