Thursday – July 27, 2017

Shot Code C

King Arthur Flour has a recipe for Rum Cake that is like a trip to the Caribbean.  I love how fancy it looks in the fancy bundt cake pan.  I put the recipe in my Pinterest King Arthur Flour recipes board.  It has lots of eggs, lots of Rum and lots of butter.  The recipe is also on the King Arthur Flour website.  Also they have all kinds of bundt pans that you can buy on their website.


I like the French look of the above kitchen.  The bottom cabinets in an Antique green and then the top white cabinets with windows. I like the fan over the stove and the butcher block counter top.  I like the green canisters and the white artisan kitchen aid mixer that just goes perfect with the decor.   I also like the hallway with a bench and baskets under it and hooks to hang jackets.  I like how one side cabinet holds glasses all crystal color and the other side cabinet holds white dinnerware.  Then the hard wood floors just go with everything.


Because I like French style, I really like Jacques Pepin’s dinnerware collection that is on the Sur la Table website.  The coffee mug costs $20.00 and each item is expensive but collectors items.  I love the little salt and pepper shakers.  I just adore all the collection.


I love how the French have copper pans.  I don’t know what it does for cooking, but it must do something.  They really know how to get flavor in food.


I love window boxes.  They just add a special touch of elegance.


For a frugal idea I came across, use the green net from avacado bags to put across a mason jar cover so that you can make a pretty bouquet.




Love it. ❤



For a summer casual look, I like the above Faith Over Fear tie die Tee in coral.  It’s on HSN tonight on Colleen Lopez’s “The List”.


I also like Sheryl Crow’s rose embroidered girlfriend jeans that are sold on HSN.


Sheryl always puts a little message embroidered on her jeans.


I like the Sheryl Crow Tee’s that have the Volkswagen bus on them and the fun messages.


The cute western boots sold out but are back again in all sizes on HSN.  How fun would it be to go to a Sheryl Crow concert and wear those boots.


I love the salt air found on Nantucket Island.  Would love to take the ferry 30 miles out to sea and just enjoy a whole day exploring the island.  Shopping in the fun boutiques and enjoying the beach and fun cobblestone streets and all the awesome places to dine.  One time I walked from Main Street all the way out to Surfside.  On the way back I stopped in a little cafe and had a mint tea.  So fun.  There is an old fashioned ice cream shop that I used to like and also a drug store that had a counter where you could have breakfast.  I used to like their cranberry english muffins and fog lifting coffee.  All the cottages are Nantucket grey from the salt air and they have climbing roses on most of them.  I’d like to take my bike out there and just bike all over the island.  There are all kinds of bike trails.


I like the above shopping bag to take to farmers markets.

Have a wonderful day.

































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