Saturday July 29, 2017

IMG_20170729_105029817 (1)

I had so much fun this morning going to Pete’s Vegetable stand.  I love that place!


It’s so fun to get farm fresh eggs, local blueberries and some raw honey.  Plus I love the flowers that I got there.  ❤


There is an Agway just down the road from Pete’s and I love the style of the above Chicken Coop that they had there.  I would love to have some chickens and have farm fresh eggs.  Can’t even imagine how fun that would be.


I love the little side door and ramp.  Chickens like to be free range and they are happy little things.


I love coffee but it’s very expensive.  So while I was in Walpole, I went to the Food Warehouse and got some Starbucks coffee for only $4.99.  It’s like $8.99 at my grocery store, so it makes me happy when I find a real bargain.  It’s like having a $4.00 coupon only you don’t need a coupon.


I saw where Colleen Lopez from HSN was enjoying a Watermelon – mint popsicle in Florida and she said that it was all natural ingredients.  It sounded so good so I searched for a recipe for one.  I found the all natural recipe that used a food processor or blender and just chunks of watermelon, fresh mint, lime juice and optional raw honey.  After it’s blended the recipe just said to strain it to make a perfect liquid and freeze it in the popsicle molds.  Yum!

fresh-peach-frozen-yogurtThe Sweet Pea Chef is where I found some neat summer recipes when I was looking for the watermelon popsicles.  All natural ingredients and with peaches in season now the Peach Frozen Yogurt sounds wonderful to have in the freezer.  She makes it so simple without an ice cream machine.  She freezes the sliced peaches and puts them in a blender or food processor with some yogurt and maybe a little raw honey.  Then puts it in an air tight container in the freezer and it lasts for 2 weeks.  Love it!


She also made Lemon Blueberry Sorbet which sounded really good and she just used the same idea of freezing fresh blueberries, adding lemon juice and a few other natural ingredients.  I pinned the recipes on my Pinterest Ice Cream board.

mkt bag

I like the above Straw Market Basket.  The handles are real leather.


You know how long it takes in the morning to style your hair.  Well on Shark Tank on TV, they had the above soft curlers that you can put in your hair when you wash it at night and in the morning your hair is frizz free and all styled in soft curls that are the style now.  What makes them awesome is the person that thought of the idea took a fashion class to learn the techniques of sewing and thought up exactly how they should be made with the material and soft cushion to be able to sleep on them.  I love them and could not believe that they have them on Amazon.  It also saves your hair from damage from styling tools as well as saving you time.  They are about $35.00 and I’m saving up for them.


I like Clinton Kelly’s fashion ideas.  The above book sounds like a must have to me.  I saw the book on QVC shopping network.


I like the above inspiration.  And I always liked Mark Twain.  🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


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