Monday July 30, 2017


The flowers from the farm stand just are so cheerful and summer like.  I think that the flowers are Zinnias.   My Dad used to plant Zinnias in front of his chicken coop sometimes.  And they just look so country like and pretty.


For a Frugal find, dark chocolate can be expensive.  Like almost $3.00 a bar or more in the grocery store.  At the Market Basket where I shop, they have a store brand dark chocolate that is 2 for $3.00.  It’s a nice treat to have in the pantry and dark chocolate is really good for you.  Very little sugar in it and chocolate is healthy.  A big bar like the above has little section dividers in it and it’s fun to break off a piece of chocolate for a little something / something for dessert or a snack now and then.


Salads are always a nice lunch this time of year, especially.  Everyone has different tastes, but I like the above idea.  My version of the salad just has garden greens, sliced apple, chopped walnuts and blue cheese crumbles.  Then a favorite apple cider vinegar dressing that just has vinegar, mustard, herbs de provence, chopped garlic and olive oil all shook up in a little mason jar.  It’s fast and easy and very tasty.


The other day, I had to take a side road because the interstate access was closed because they were working on a bridge.  So refreshing riding along country roads.  I love the above painting that was on the side of a barn.


For a fashion find, I like the above natural stone bead bracelets.  The lotus flower is supposed to be good luck as well as most of the semi-precious beads.


For household tips, the above ideas speak for themselves.  The Salt Crystal Lamp is my favorite as well as indoor plants.


Today is definitely a beautiful day to go to the beach.  It’s sunny and just the right temperature.  I will not be going to the beach, but the above Lake Sunapee State Park Beach sure looks inviting.  I have one of those beach chairs that is low to the ground and it’s fun to sit right next to the water and every once in a while a wave comes in cools your whole body.  A cooler full of ice cold beverages, a nice sandwich and maybe a brownie.  A good magazine.  Beautiful sunshine and little breeze coming off the water. A sail boat sailing by in the distance now and then.  Crystal clear water.  Heaven.


I thought the the above Psalm was beautiful.

Have a wonderful day!



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