Summer Days


There’s something about the tranquility of the reflection in water of a peaceful green field and beautiful fenced in field with a country red barn.  It makes you just want to breathe in the beautiful surroundings like a breath of fresh air.


I love to go barefoot in the grass.  It’s just so relaxing and it’s been said to be good for your health.



I love wildflowers.  They just brighten up a day.


A summer picnic is always a nice tradition to have for warm summer days.  I can remember as a kid when we visited our Grandparents on their farm, they sometimes would have a family reunion with all the aunts, uncles and cousins and it was usually an outside event with a pot luck picnic at a lake.  Gram made baked beans, Aunt Gloria made a custard pie, Aunt Mavis always made delightful cookies, my Mom made a fancy potato salad are just a few of the fun dishes that were always included.

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Chickens are funny little creatures.  They like to be free to roam.  No matter how my Dad would try to make a nice roomy and safe area that was comfortable for the little chickens, they would rather be free range.  He said that there were always two that got out and the others would follow.  He blamed it on Martha and Bernie, the two chickens that made a path for the others.  I remember my Dad struggling for hours on making sure there was no way those chickens could wander out of their safe pens.   He and my Mom would go downstreet and come back and there would be the chickens all over the lawn.

It makes me laugh when I see chickens wandering all over the place from a place down the road from me.


Blueberries are in season right now and I like the above idea for a salad.


I love a Farmhouse type porch.  It just makes me smile.  My Grandparents are gone, my Mom and Dad are gone but I can still hear the sound of their laughter and delightful conversations on beautiful warm summer evenings after supper when they enjoyed the soft breezes out on the Farmhouse porch when we would go to my Grandparents farm for a few weeks on my Dad’s summer vacation.

My son loves that area where my Grandparents owned that farm.  He bought a lot of land just down the road from that place and they have a camp there.  His kids love it as there are all kinds of ATV trails where they can drive their four wheelers and not bother anyone.   They have a fire pit where they roast marshmallows and make s’mores.  They have a huge lawn and a swing for the little ones that uses a branch from a huge tree.  There is a grocery store nearby that has a really nice deli and my daughter in law buys all kinds of neat salads there and they have surf and turf kabobs that have scallops and steak on them that they have fun putting on their gas grill.  The interstate isn’t far away and there are cell towers near enough so all the cell phones work.  My son said that at night there are no street lights out there and you can see all the stars in the sky.  The area is a long ways away from where they live, but every chance they get, they head up to their camp.  It’s just delightful to me that they picked an area where my Mom and Dad grew up and an area that I always adored.  It truly has not changed much from way back, except for the interstate and a few things.  The camp is really cute and there is a porch on it.  I love to see the kids laughter and all the fun that they have out there.

I went up there one time in the winter with my son and grandsons when they were making sure not too much snow was on the roof of their camp and they have a steep driveway that has a hairpin turn and my son went down the driveway with his Suburban where it was glare ice underneath with a little snow on top and it was snowing.  Well I didn’t like it much and let my son know it and one of the little grandsons thought it was great fun and recorded my dismay on their little Ipad to show his Mom.  Anyways, it’s fun up there in the summer.

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