Thursday …August 10, 2017


I like wildflowers and it’s fun to pick a bouquet of the flowers if you go for a walk along a walking trail.  The flowers look so pretty in a mason jar.


I like Jacques Pepin’s new collection that is sold at Sur La Table.  I especially like the chicken coffee mugs and the colorful soup bowls with handles.  The collection is beautiful, but a little expensive for my budget.


For a frugal find, I love the African Violet that I found at the Price Chopper for only $2.99.


For a Fashion find, I like the above Barefoot Dreams Lite Circle Cardigan.  It’s made by a company called Barefoot Dreams out of California.  They can be found on Amazon.  Really soft material

barefoot dreams

The Cardigan also comes in a beige color.


I saw a blog where this couple from New York took a few days to vacation in Vermont.  They stayed at the Kendron Inn which is in West Woodstock, VT.  The above is a photo of the breakfast that they had on the Kendron Inn porch that was on their blog.

Sigurd’s brother, who is a doctor in California stayed at that Inn the last time that they came out here.  We had dinner on that porch complete with a bottle of wine as they invited us to have dinner with them.

There is a swimming pond in back of that Inn that guests can swim in.  Beautiful Place.


Cabot Creamery has some nice recipes on their website.  One recipe that sounded really good was the Veggie Tart that was made with a cornmeal crust.  I pinned the recipe on my Veggie recipes board on my Pinterest.


The Cabot Creamery Instant Pot Macaroni and Cheese sounded easy to make and really good.  The dish had cream cheese, cheddar and Monterey Jack Cheese in it.  I pinned the recipe on my One Pot Meals board on my Pinterest.


I found the above habit ideas on Pinterest.  I like stuff like that for my Organizer.


You know how you like to have a non-stick pan to cook eggs in?  But you have to be careful of that non-stick stuff.  I saw the above green pan from Sur La Table that has ceramic non-stick.  It sounds like a nice pan to me and it costs $49.00.

The best frypan I ever had was a Le Creuset that was cast iron with a ceramic lining.


The last time I went to Burdic’s Chocolate, someone had Frozen Hot Chocolate.  Yum!!

Perfect for this time of year.



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