Friday….August 18, 2017


I think that the Staub cookware is beautiful.  Some of the Staub is on sale at Sur La Table and they have a coupon code that is “Apple17” that gives you an additional $20.00 off.  That’s like a $20.00 coupon.  I like the Rooster knob that they have on the cookware.  It would be fun to make Jaque Pepin’s Coq au Vin in one of those rooster pots.  I pinned that recipe on my Sur La Table recipes on my Pinterest.


I love the Staub braiser.  Le Creuset has a similar braiser that they call “Fait Tout” which is French for “does everything”.


Some of Staub cookware doesn’t come with the knob, but you can get a decorative knob free with the above form if you spend $200.00 on their cookware.  Love it! ❤


I love the Staub pot that has a Rooster embossed on he lid.  It’s on sale at Sur La Table plus you can get the Rooster knob for free with the form they have.


My favorite dinnerware is Pfalzgraff Pistoulet pattern.  Right now they have a code “Back40” that gives you 40% off one item on any Pfalzgraff item.  That is a nice savings.


I have the above Pistoulet soup mug which I adore.  The bottom salad plate is Pfalzgraff but not from the Pistoulet pattern.  It’s an Italian pattern and just matches that soup mug.  Love it. ❤


The above book is on Amazon.  It’s mostly about organizing your time, with all kinds of ideas with organizer forms.


Growing up, my Mom made American Chop Suey quite a bit.  My grandsons love it when I make it for them.  It’s just browning hamburg with a chopped onion and adding cooked macaroni and some spaghetti sauce.  So quick and easy and it’s good.  A little tossed salad to go with it.


My Mom used to make a cookie that is called “Hermits”.  They are delicious and there is a recipe on the Yankee Magazine website that is similar to my Mom’s.   I wish that I had gotten that recipe from my Mom.


I saw the above top that was featured on “Stitch Fix”.  It’s a cute style and just right for Fall that is just around the corner.

dress 3

I bought the above denim dress that was marked down to $29.00 from $67.00 on QVC from the Clinton Kelly collection.   I like it because it’s classic and doesn’t go out of style and it’s good for all seasons.  Plus Clinton Kelly designs clothes that flatter the figure.  On top of that, you could buy it on 3 easy pays.

skirt 2

I also bought the Clinton Kelly A-Line skirt that was on sale and also on Easy Pay on QVC.  Just a staple for the wardrobe.


I want to get Clinton Kelly’s book that has all kinds of neat ideas in it.  The book is on Amazon.


I like the above idea for a Juice.  I have a juice machine that works a lot better then a blender.  Especially when you use kale.  Love it. ❤



I love a nice sea breeze and the salt air.  Gotta get to the ocean and enjoy the last days of summer before Labor Day.  Have some fried clams and some chowder.


Autumn is just around the corner.


I think that Fall is my favorite time of the year because it really is perfect weather.  Not to hot and not too cool.  It really is a beautiful time of year in New England.


I love it when the Maple trees start getting beautiful colors, which will be in about a month and a half or so.  The peak of color is mostly in October when there is a frost at night and then warm in the day.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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