Monday….August 21, 2017


The above is the view of the Eclipse of the Sun today from Boston.  That photo was taken with a special camera from a rooftop in Boston.   In this area, a 60% totality was visible.   I watched the eclipse on Channel 7 news all afternoon.  So amazing as they tracked the eclipse from Oregon all the way across to South Carolina.  I enjoyed the whole show with some popcorn.  It was magical the way it got kind of half dark outside.   I didn’t have any lens glasses, so I did not look up at the eclipse.


In some states they showed 100% totality and the moon totally blocked the sun and it got as dark as night time for about a few minutes.

ring diamond

When the sun started to come back out, it had what they called a “Diamond Ring Effect”.  So awesome.


I think that the above Mt Ascutney is just a very beautiful mountain in Vermont.  I love the view from the air.


King Arthur Flour has baking classes at their store in Norwich, VT.  They cost about $100.00 or more to take a class.  But they have on line classes that you can take for $19.00, which is awesome.  I like the class that they have for pro techniques for fruit pie baking.  They have the same instructors as they have at their store and I love the Roasted Peach Pie idea and all kinds of fruit pies that they have in the on line course.  King Arthur Flour is one of my favorites of all favorite places to visit.


I like inspirations from Julia Child.  One of these days, I’m going to get Julia Child’s cookbook “Mastering French Cooking”.



I love the above cottage look from Nantucket Island.  Climbing roses love the salt air from the island.  And then the salt air makes cedar shingles Nantucket grey.

Real Estate on Nantucket is really expensive.  When I was on the island we stayed in town at what they called Stilldock.  What a beautiful area within walking distance to the Jetty beach and Brandt Lighthouse.  To buy a house there, you would not even be able to touch it under a million dollars.  Right next to a marina and all kinds of artist shops and restaurants and little cafes.  The person that owned Stilldock owned his own Jet and also several places on Nantucket.  Sigurd designed and remodeled the inside of part of Stilldock and we got to stay there in an apartment that was like a condo for free while he was working there.  I had the best tan ever and I’ll never forget that summer.  I worked in a gift shop for spending money and did I ever have love it.  Sigurd worked all the time and I mostly went to the beach myself and walks when I wasn’t working, but it was still awesome.


I love photography and saw the above inspiration on ideas for photos.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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