August 23, 2017


I love Woodstock, VT.  My friend Sigurd Swanson grew up there.  It’s fun seeing all the places that he knew and enjoyed as a kid.  The Middle Covered Bridge got it’s name from being in the middle of town.  Across from the bridge is what they call “The Green” and it’s the same size and shape as a battleship.  Then the Woodstock Inn is just gorgeous and is across from “The Green”.


I love the window box ideas that are all over the beautiful town of Woodstock.  That town is just gorgeous any time of the year.


Gillingham’s General Store reminds me of Nantucket for some reason.  The store has awesome coffee, wine, cheese and all kinds of really quality wares.


I love butterflies and I think that the Monarch Butterfly is one of the most beautiful butterflies.


I also love coastal New England.  It’s a classic style that never goes out of style.


I think that it would be awesome to live near the beach.


Nothing like a New England Clam Bake with lobster, steamed clams, corn on the cob and clam chowder.  Yum!


I love Rhode Island and I’ll never forget the Del’s Frozen Lemonade.  They have little Food Trucks all over the tiny state of Rhode Island that sell nothing but Del’s Frozen Lemonade.  And it is to die for.  Sooo refreshing.  Just unbelievably good.  Del’s has frozen lemonade down to a T.


I like the style idea of a slip dress with a denim jacket.  I don’t own a slip dress, but I have a neat sundress that I like to wear with a denim jacket.


I like my sundress with the denim jacket and got my inspiration from fashion blogs.  I have some sandals that are similar to the sandals on my inspiration.  My dress is a designer dress but about 1/3 of the original cost because I got it at TJ Max.    My sandals were 40% off and I had a $10.00 coupon and I love them as they are very comfortable.


I have a crock pot and also one of those machines that takes the air out of the container bags and seals them, so the above idea for “Freezer to Crockpot Meals” sounds interesting.  With the machine sealed bags, anything in them is good for a year.  No freezer burn.  So I saved a lot of the freezer bag idea recipes on my Pinterest.  I have a ton of boards on my Pinterest and I think there is a board for Freezer meals.


I like the above hairstyle for a kind of updo.  I’ve noticed a lot of that style lately.

7c01ab87be3407e9e00539025da5b152 (1)

Some kind of cute DIY ideas from Pinterest.  I like the Farmhouse look and you can sometimes get some inexpensive but cute stuff from the Dollar Store.


I love the above bracelet.  It reminds me of Nantucket.  I put the link to where to buy it on my Jewelry board on my Pinterest.


Have a wonderful day!





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