Thursday……August 24, 2017

nantucket 3

I would love a cottage like the above.  Just so pretty.

kitchen 7

I love how a kitchen has soffit lights in the ceiling, track lights as well as lights under the cabinets.  And if that isn’t enough, chandelier lights and lights under the top stove hood.


I saw a recipe for Cape Cod Turkey Salad.  The salad had cranberries, walnuts, mayonnaise, sour cream and cubed turkey.  Yum!


I also saw a recipe for Newport Clam Chowder that won a chowder cookoff in Newport.  The recipe called for butter, chopped onions, a little flour, a quart of shucked clams with liquid, 6 jars of clam juice, a lb of boiling potatoes chopped, half & Half cream and some fresh dill.  Everything was cooked separate and then mixed together.  I pinned the recipe on my soups board on my Pinterest.



I love jewelry anyways, and the above Ruby ring with a romantic name like Ruby Eleanor of Aquitaine Ring made by Hedgegrow Rose just melts my heart.  What a beautiful ring.


And then the awesome Lapis ring also made by Hedgegrow Rose.  So antique looking and just beautiful.  I put the links on where they could be bought on my jewelry board on my pinterest.


I also love pearls as they are just so classy looking and with the neutral color can go with any outfit.


I saw a recipe for Vermont Apple pie and the crust looked like my Gram’s pie crust.  The recipe just said to use a pie crust recipe, but I like how they dotted the filling with butter like my Mom used to.  I pinned the recipe on my Pie board on my Pinterest.

I came across a few frugal tips that sounded good.  One tip was to buy pantry staples when they are on sale at half price and then stock up.

Also to get rid of cable as it is just too expensive and use Netflex.


I came across a website that had awesome gluten-free recipes that were not expensive to make.  The above book was also on that website.  One recipe that I found interesting was home-made wraps for rolled up sandwiches.


There was also a recipe for home made hummus.  All the recipes were on


The sandwich wrap sounded good to me.

shephards pie

The Shepherd’s pie sounded like a good recipe, also.


I saw the above for a fashion idea to wear for Fall which is coming right up.  I think I would skip the shoes idea.  But I like the sailor style top with the stripes.  The jeans are cute if they are stretch.  The jacket is kind of classy looking because I saw Kate Middleton with a jacket just like that on.  The leather strap watch is classic and the purse is a little like a safari bag and I think I would skip on that.  The glasses are a little much, but I’ve noticed that is the style now.  I use my cell phone camera and it works really nice, but a professional camera is kind of neat.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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