Last Day of August


With Labor Day weekend coming up this weekend, I saw the usual ideas for the weekend.  Corn on the cob on the grill, kabobs, hamburgers and deviled eggs.  I made a new board on my Pinterest for Labor Day ideas.


I saw a recipe for Taco Burgers that sounded good and pinned the recipe on my Labor Day Pinterest board.


I love the idea for a S’Mores Bar.


I saw a recipe for a burger sauce that had a few extra touches in it that sounded awesome.  I pinned the recipe on my Burgers board on my Pinterest.


I love Broccoli Salad and especially when it has bacon in it.  I pinned that recipe on my Salads Pinterest board.


Seven Layer Dip is always fun and I love the idea of those little individual servings.  I put that recipe on my Labor Day Pinterest board.


And then a recipe for the grill that sounded really good was the Hawaiian Chicken Bacon Kabobs.  Yum!  I pinned that recipe on my Pinterest Labor Day board also.


Then a Berry Trifle to celebrate the end of summer.  Could do individual or a big trifle. I think that I put that recipe on my Pinterest Labor Day board.

18a5bf7a54b30ed05e4e02f49e744698 (1)

It’s getting soup weather again and I love the idea of Panera’s Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup recipe.  I put that recipe on my Pinterest Soup board.


I love the ideas for toppings for soups, like scallions, shaved Parmesan, sour cream,  grated cheddar and Oyster crackers.  All kinds of bread ideas on the side.


It was chilly yesterday and I made myself some Lentil soup using lentils that I buy in bulk at the Food Co-op and keep in my pantry.  I loved using my Pioneer Woman bowl and dish.  I used organic 3-color carrots, organic celery, chopped onion to start with all sauteed in my Le Creuset pot which I love.  Then I added low sodium Chicken broth, organic bay leafs and thyme and the cup of Lentils and just let them simmer for about 50 minutes.  Love it.


And I saved some of the soup in my favorite soup cup to have for lunch for today with a nice salad and some crusty bread.


I saw a neat throw pillow at Pier-1 Imports for Fall decorating.  It’s called Fall by the Sea Pumpkin Pillow.  I love the colors.


Sarah Vickers has a really nice New England style and she has a website called “Classy Girls Wear Pearls”.   I like the above dress.

dress 2

So for my frugal find, the dress originally cost $90.00 and it’s on sale for $31.00 at Macy’s.  It would be nice to have for next summer and this is the time of year to get a good deal at end of summer sales.


Sarah Vickers lives in Rhode Island with her husband.  Can you imagine being able to have a romantic Pizza on a dock with your husband at sunset.  Now that would be a really fun way to celebrate the last days of summer.


I like the idea of fat burning foods.  I wonder if they really work.  The trouble is, I have read all kinds of books on nutrition and healthy diets.  The doctors all contradict themselves on what is healthy.  I guess that you just have to think for yourself and use common sense.


I’ve always wanted to plant the seeds that are always in lemons when you buy them.  I wonder if it really works because lemon blossoms are just a heavenly scent.


A baby spider plant from my  original Spider plant fell off the plant and I put the baby spider in water and let roots grow.  Then I planted it in Miracle Grow potting soil and got the above beautiful Spider Plant with babies of it’s own.  I love that plant.


The original Spider Plant is in my window with my African Violets.  You have got to love plants.  They are just so fun to care for and watch grow.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  Have a fun and wonderful day.






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