Sunday, September 3, 2017


I love a Sunset.  So beautiful yesterday.


Today was a rainy and chilly day.  A good day to turn on the fireplace.  I love the ambiance of a crackling fire on a day like today.

IMG_20170903_164117184 (1)

I changed my table around and put a Fall color tablecloth on and some Fall looking placemats as well as a different candle.


It was a good day for a hearty and warm soup, so I used up my veggies that I got at Pete’s the other day.  I put in some Herbs de Provence, carrots, onions and celery to start with.  Then some northern beans, bay leafs, chicken broth, zucchini and summer squash.  It just made a cozy supper for Sunday night.


I got some apples at a local orchard on Saturday and they were really delicious.  Love them. ❤  I slice them and put them on my oatmeal with a little cinnamon in the morning.  And I like the apples for salad with power greens, walnuts and blue cheese.  Then I love my apple cider vinegar dressing that I make to put over the salad.   It’s just vinegar, olive oil, mustard and a little garlic and thyme.  The apples are good as a snack, also.


I got a Mum plant at my grocery store yesterday and I love it for a Fall decoration.  They were only $3.99 at the Market Basket and that’s not bad.


Then they had little Mum plants at the Walmart for $1.00.  I found one that was just right for my little Scarecrow planter.


I saw a really neat idea on “The Kitchen” show on the Food network today.  They just took a rope and made a loop on it.  Then they took some lavender bunches and some sage bunches and used some wire to tie them to the rope and put a bow at the top and hung them to dry in their kitchen.   It scents the kitchen and just looks really neat as well.


So it’s been a kind of fun weekend so far.


I got a Maple Creamee yesterday to celebrate the last days of summer.  That is actually what they called a small cone believe it or not.  So good as I didn’t eat lunch and stopped on the way to grocery shopping and after that huge ice cream cone, I was glad that I had room for it.


I got some imitation lobster and Old Bay seasoning as well as some dill to make Lobster Rolls.  Kind of fun and they make a nice lunch.


I also got some corn on the cob at Pete’s.  I love the one that they call butter and sugar.  It’s so sweet with melted butter and a little sea salt.  They also had local peaches from Alysons Orchards at Pete’s and I picked up a couple of peaches.  Yum!


I love the above dream pantry.  I would have a wine cooler where that little refrigerator is.  And then have a coffee bar on that counter top.





I like the above style for Fall.

And for a frugal find, gas has gone up about twenty cents per gallon.  In New Hampshire there is a gas station that gives you a five cent discount per gallon if you pay cash and it’s already fifteen cents less per gallon then Vermont.  So I fill my tank up in that gas station and it saves me about twenty cents per gallon always.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

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