Fall Fun


My Daughter-in-law and my Grandsons picked a bushel of apples yesterday at a local apple orchard in Westminster, VT.  They always have so much fun.

apple cider an apple and a bag of cinnamon-sugared donuts on a red picnic table

I love apple cider donuts and the cider this time of year.


It’s early for apples but they are really delicious this year.


I think that my favorite Fall dessert is Apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Up to Woodstock, VT they have a place called Mountain Creamery and they have a mile high apple pie that they are noted for.  Then they have homemade ice cream to go with it.

mountain-creamery (1)

You can have a slice of pie and ice cream at the Creamery or you can order a whole pie to go.  I usually order a couple of pies for Thanksgiving and everyone loves them.


The Creamery brownies with homemade ice cream on them are really fun to have, also.  I really love Woodstock, anyways and the Mountain Creamery is a plus and a real treat to visit.

o (2)

There is a neat Pastry Shop underneath the Creamery.  You can get all kinds of pastries and ice cream to go.


I like apple muffins and they are fun to make this time of year.  I put several recipes for Apple Muffins on my Muffins board on my Pinterest.


There is nothing like local peaches that are just so juicy and fresh this time of year.  I picked up some peaches last week at Pete’s that were from Alyson’s Orchards.  I can’t get over how delicious they were.

54c90bd48026a_-_kitchen-16-1009-de 2

I sliced up one of the peaches and enjoyed it on my oatmeal with some blueberries and Walnuts this morning.  Just a treat.


The above is a neat idea on what to wear apple picking.  I don’t think that I would go as far as to get a special Fall cover for my cell phone.  But I think that the ankle boots, burgundy sweater and the plaid scarf is a nice idea.  Though the ripped material jeans are the style now, I don’t like them.   I mean I don’t have to try that hard to look so rich that I can wear worn out ragged looking clothes and not feel like I have not enough money to buy a pair of jeans within 20 years.  That look does not appeal to me.


There are a couple of neat Farm Stands in Westminster, VT.  Harlows and Allen Brothers are kind of neat.  I buy my Fall plants at the grocery store or Walmart and do not pay flatlander prices, though.


I’m no Martha Stewart, but I’ve always wanted to try to make a lattice top pie.  It just looks so fancy.


So fancy looking and really looks kind of fun to attempt to make a lattice pie crust.


I think that Apple Crisp is kind of easy to make and very good this time of year.  I put a couple of recipes for Apple Crisp on my Fall Recipes board on my Pinterest.


I really like to cook and bake.  The Barefoot Contessa aka Ina Garten, has the ultimate stove and oven to be able to get professional results in your home kitchen.  She has a Viking double oven electric oven with a gas stove top.  A Chef’s dream in her home kitchen.  Ina Garten’s style is all white dishes a lot of bland color in her small appliances like her mixer and Le Creusets.  All white.

Myself, I like flair and a little color.  I also like a double wall oven and could never afford a Viking.  But I love the stainless steel look of appliances and the granite counter tops.  What a dream kitchen.


I like Barefoot Contessa’s bread drawer idea from Kraftmaid.


Also Ina Garten’s pull out drawer cupboards that are perfect for pots and pans.


Then the drying rack and cutting board that goes over a sink is a neat idea that Ina Garten has.  And then the goose neck faucet.  So neat.


I love the handy drawer idea with spices all labeled and right at your fingertips.  I could go on and on with all the beautiful ideas from Barefoot Contessa.  What an inspiration she is to me with all her ideas.


Ina Garten also keeps a notebook with hand written recipes of her favorite recipes with all kinds of notes from trial and error and what works.  She has a whole library of cook books.


And then on top of having a kitchen to die for, Ina Garten has beautiful gardens and cuts flowers from her gardens for her table and uses fresh herbs from her garden for her cooking.  Plus she has outdoor dining space in her elaborate gardens.

Love the ideas.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


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