Fun Day


I was at Michaels Craft store a few days ago and discovered the most inspirational magazine that I have never noticed before.  It’s called “bella Grace”.  I just love it as it has colored photos and all kinds of inspirations in it.  I set down and read it from cover to cover.  I got Issue 12 and the Fall issue which is Issue 13 has a giveaway for the magazine on their website.  It’s got heavy pages and is kind of like a book and costs $20.00.  I could not resist it and it was worth every penny I paid for it.  I turned on my fireplace on a chilly rainy day last week and savored every page of the magazine with a cup of hot tea in the afternoon.


I love the Create channel and today they had a program from Yankee magazine on.  They showed loons from Golden Pond.   I love the sound that they make.  They are just beautiful.

fire water

Then they showed this Fire Water show from Providence, Rhode Island.  They had floating fire in a river that goes through Providence.   Kind of neat and and so beautiful to see.  Some artist created the show.  Then they had these blue lanterns that people dropped in the river with a wish and they floated in the water.


Then they visited a Vineyard in Massachusetts that was near the ocean.  Really nice grapes and they showed the soil that they grew in and a tour of the Vineyard.

wine 2

They showed how they made wine and also Champagne.  Love the wine barrels and they took samples out of the barrels using like a medicine dropper tube.

wine tasting

Then they went to a special room and had a wine tasting with wine that had aged for 15 years, plus they had Oysters in a shell with Champagne on the Oysters.

wine 3

They all looked like they were having a marvelous time.  Can you imagine having a job with a magazine like Yankee and going to all these places and getting paid for it.   It must be nice.


On my way home from grocery shopping, I stopped at a place called Hemingways and browsed through their paths.  I love that place.  They have plants and pumpkins and I love their Fall displays.


Everything is so colorful there in all the seasons.  They have Christmas trees in December and then they close for the winter.


They have all kinds of Greenhouses and right now they have a lot of pumpkins.


Have you tried that new French style Yogurt called Oui?  I couldn’t believe how delicious it was when I tried some today.    And it comes in the cutest little glass jar.


I have been wanting to get a Dyson vacuum cleaner since forever and finally got one.  Wow, I can’t believe how well it cleans.  It had 5 star reviews and I can see why.  I got the small ball and it’s light.  It costs over $300.00 on Amazon and I got it on QVC for $100.00 less.  I just couldn’t resist it as the vacuum I had before was heavy and just didn’t have the suction to really clean floors and rugs.  The Dyson is for wood floors as well as carpets.  I just love it.  I put it together and then went on Youtube to see how it works.  I had to laugh when I saw the video from taking it out of the box and putting it together.  They had the same little problems with it that I did.  But I love youtube as the videos give you lots of neat tips on how things work.

Just a total fun day today.  I made a smoothie for breakfast from just orange juice and frozen fruit.  I have one of those sealer machines where you take frozen food and seal it up and it doesn’t get freezer burn and is good for a year or more in the freezer.  So I had some really neat frozen fruit that had cherries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries that I bought months ago.  I love that machine.  And my blender has a special smoothie button and makes really good smoothies.  It’s a Black and Decker that has a glass jar and I chose it because it was the best value for the price according to Consumer Reports and American Test Kitchen.  It works better then any blender I ever had.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  It was a beautiful sunny day today.  Cool in the morning and 80 degrees this afternoon.


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