September 27, 2017

cottage garden

I love little winding pathways in a cottage garden.  Also the flagstone path is just so beautiful.


I love old-fashioned New England type flower gardens.  If I had the chance, I would have something like the above.


The above cottage is one that I just adore.  I like everything about it.  It was renovated from a cottage that a seamstress had back in the 1930’s.  The landscaping of it with the outdoor patio and the hedges, fence and cobblestone driveway are just beautiful.  I love the doors on the garage and the balcony above the garage.  It is located on the west coast, but I would love to build one like it on the East Coast near Hampton, NH or somewhere near Maine.

dream cottage

Maybe use the above house plan with that driveway and garage from the other cottage.  I would put cedar shingles on it and put a Nantucket grey stain on it.

kitchen 4

A chefs kitchen would make the place over the top.

kitchen 6

A double wall oven and double door refrigerator/freezer complete with a dish washer and granite.  OMG.


A kitchen desk area to plan menus and shopping lists would be awesome.

cottage 9

An outdoor patio would be so awesome.

sun room

A sun room with some kind of view of water.  I love the windows and French doors that would go out to a deck.


All kinds of space for all kinds of gardens would be just beautiful.


The ideas that people have for all seasons for gardening.  Just beautiful, especially the Spring bulbs and apple blossoms.


I just love Peonies.  They are like a cabbage rose.  Easy care and they come up every year once they are planted.  So beautiful.


Then climbing roses are the ultimate.


The ultimate of all ultimates would be to have a laundry room.

Romantic garden style

I just love all kinds of flowers.


With Fall here, I like the above Fashion idea.  It’s been almost 90 degrees here the last four days and does not seem like Fall.  It’s supposed to be more seasonal and cooler over the weekend.  In my opinion, the hurricanes from the south have pushed tropical air up to the north.  My favorite fashion blogger had red shoes on her blog today for Fall.  I like the above plaid scarf look with the fowl weather jacket.  Also the monagramed overnight bag.


So that’s kind of the style for this Fall I think.


The blanket wraps are in and I think they are neat.  Martha Stewart had one on QVC this week for $49.00 that was a cashmere blend.  They mostly sold out.


My daughter in law makes the best apple pie ever.  I would like to make an apple pie this Fall.


The above muffin sounds like it might be good.  I pinned the recipe on my muffins board on my Pinterest.  I messed my Pinterest up by having a Linda Tuttle account and a Linda L Tuttle account.  I did it when I first got my Ipad and don’t ask me how I did it.  But I did.


I love kale salads and have a ton of recipes on my salads board on my Pinterest.


I love making my own dressing and I found several recipes that I pinned on my salads board on my Pinterest.



I love the above water plant idea.  One of the plants is called a gold fish plant.


Soups are really good in the Fall and Barefoot Contessa has a good sounding recipe for a Rosemary White Bean Soup.   I pinned that recipe on my Barefoot Contessa Recipes board on my Pinterest.


I love Fall candles.


I also love coffee and think that it would be fun to have a coffee bar.


I like pumpkin bread this time of year.


Fall y’all is my very favorite time of the year. ❤


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